Thursday, June 07, 2012

Awesome Times

As it always does, even when I'm busy having existential crises, my life goes on and it is usually pretty fabulous, which makes the existential crises kinda funny when I think about them rationally. Ha! So, here is the REAL story of my life:

Evan of the State Champion Economics Challenge Team: 

This year, Ev's Government teacher got the kids involved in this program and they ended up winning the State Championship (so I'm thinking I went to all that effort to blur those photos for nothing after seeing the school website) and doing really well at the national level. Last week they had a luncheon honoring all the participants in the different enrichment programs offered by this organization and it was quite fun. Especially the actual check for real dollars that was the prize! Go kids!

A Lot of Fun Times with Family

That's a sleeping twin. We thought he was
outside playing with his brothers, then we took
a second look at this pile of blankets and
realized he had come in and fallen asleep
at about 6:30 pm. He slept until 7 the next

This picture amazes me with its hilarity.
It was pouring at graduation so this is all we have in the photo department.
My tall nephew is completely hidden by the umbrella and my sister is freezing
in the rain so she looks like a vampire or something. Oh my!

It was wonderful to have my family here with me to celebrate Sara's graduation. My nephews, both little and big,  are so enjoyable to have nearby. We chased fireflies one night and they fell asleep most hilariously and were just the apples of our eyes for a week. With my grown-up nephew, we laughed a lot together and I learned a bit about what would be a lame tweet (what you ate at the Amish market: lame.) He is just a great young man and I'm glad he came out here. 

Everyone traveled a long way and it meant so much to Sara to have them here. I'm grateful for their willingness to support her in such a personal way. 

There have been many more good times, and those posts are coming. 

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