Sunday, June 17, 2012

Breathing Room

By the time I got on the plane early Thursday morning, I was going on about 4 hours of sleep and carried with me to the airport a nagging feeling that I hadn't done quite enough to get ready for the coming weeks. Fortunately, whenever I get through security and get to the gate, I can usually feel the stress of preparing to travel settle down in my heart and lungs and I can relax during the flight. I decided on an aisle seat so I could get up and stretch my legs and have a little freedom. Just six or seven rows down, an empty aisle seat revealed itself, right next to a cute little boy and his older traveling companion. I introduced myself to the boy, then settled down to knit. I'd gotten a good start on my triangle shawl while waiting at the gate, and I looked forward to making a lot or progress during the flight. I was on my way to Phoenix for a special weekend with family.

My young seat-mate turned out to be bright, engaging and an ongoing source of enjoyment during the flight. I did get tons of knitting done, interspersed with pleasant conversation, and my arrival in the Valley of the Sun found me ready to enjoy the coming weekend.

I landed, got my rental car, then got in touch with my older brother and had some lunch with him and got a tour of his business, which happens to be just a few blocks from the Phoenix airport. He's the owner of a specialized company that tests parts for manufacturers all over the country and it was totally cool to see what he does and hear him explain it to me.

The rest of the day passed in companionable catching up with my sister-in-law and nephew, then a good dinner out that evening. I felt myself ease up more and more as I realized it was the right thing to do--taking this trip, even though the timing was tricky to say the least.

Now I'm back on a plane bound for home a mere 72-ish hours after arriving, and it has been a wonderful trip. My heart is full and overflowing. I even got an email from my young friend from the first flight. My knitting is almost done, I will land at 1 am, then at about 9 am I leave for a week of girls' camp in Pennsylvania, starting right out of the chute tomorrow afternoon with a 10-mile overnight backpacking trip.

The events that brought me out here to this beloved desert place each deserve their own posts, but that will be next week, after I get done with camp, get the photos figured out and have some time to fix all the lovely moments firmly in my memory. Right now I want to stay settled, listen to some music and make sure that I use this bit of breathing room to get my mind ready for all that's in store for me and my family in the coming days.



  1. SO glad you were able to go. I know that was a big deal. Good luck at camp. LOVE YOU :)

  2. I heart AZ -- have a wonderful week at camp. XXOO


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