Saturday, June 02, 2012

Night Walk

The other night I took an evening walk. I started out just as dusk was falling and had my first glimpse of this season's fireflies. My walks often take me through the surprisingly deep woods along the paths near my home and the fireflies were like fairies dancing among the grasses in the clearings. It was so beautiful, and a photo could never really capture it, so I just want to remember the lush green, lit up with sparkles of gold and a 3/4 moon so bright it cast shadows on the path as the light faded to velvety black.

I left the forest and took the paths into the neighborhoods to make use of streetlights and porchlights as darkness really settled in. It was completely engrossing to follow this network, so familiar in the daytime, and look for clues to know how to come out of the woods in the right place. I ended up on the familiar street where my friends live and was able to walk home up the 2 miles of main road. I love that these streets where I live have become so familiar that I can walk them in the dark and feel completely at home. It was a perfect oasis of quiet and focus in a busy, frenetic week.

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