Friday, June 08, 2012

Of Almond Croissants, Mysterious Letters and a Walk Under Blue Skies

Corinne and I went up to Baltimore on Monday (just because) and the skies were so blue it seemed impossible. We wended our way to Fell's Point and ended up parking, with no prior knowledge or planning,  RIGHT in front of the Robert Long House, the oldest residence in Baltimore City, dating back to 1765 . Seriously. It had a plaque and everything. The Preservation Society maintains it and I would like to go back and see it sometime. This is something that actually kind of thrilled both of us in our history-buff, curious-about-everything ways. It would not thrill everyone I know, and that's fine, but I'm so glad we were together to wonder about it and be interested. It also made me happy that she was as tickled as me about the old cobblestone streets and wonderfully ancient vibe of Fell's Point.

We ate delectable Almond Crossants in the al fresco dining area of the Fell's Point location of Bonaparte Bread and the weather was just so beautiful. It was breezy but not too cold and oh, was that pastry wonderful. We talked and laughed and for me, the world felt a little better balanced, because it's been rather a long while since we've spent time together and I always notice that.

There was time for a walk and the wharf on which Bonapart is located also includes the awesome old building that houses the Inn at Henderson's Wharf. It has grand arched windows and shutters and stunning old brickwork and is right on the water. It would be SUCH a fun location for a photo shoot. One side of the building has giant letters situated between all the windows, but from our angle we could not decipher if they spelled out words or what. I've searched and searched and all I can find are photos of a different side of the building, so I'm now on a mission to find out what those letters say.  The building used to be a tobacco warehouse, so I suspect it might have something to do with that.

It was a marvelous little morning out, and I count myself a seriously lucky girl when I think about all the friends I'm blessed to have. Moments like this are like the fresh fruit in the salad of life-bursting with color and sweetness, yet good for you at the same time.

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