Monday, June 11, 2012

Star Wars!

Sara was away with friends on a low-key senior trip this week and Evan and I had the place to ourselves. Most of the time he was studying for his finals but they ended Friday (yay! summer is here!) and we got to watch Star Wars movies together. Oh the joy! I have loved the Star Wars movies ever since the first one came out and was such a game-changer for movies in general. I remember babysitting my other siblings when my parents went to see it in 1977 and staying up SO late so I could hear whether or not WE would be able to go see it. Oh I hoped we would. They were a bit worried about the part on Tatooine when the remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are visible as tortured, burned skeletons, but after a while, they relented and we all went to see it at the drive-in theater down in Elkridge.

While we watched, I made Evan laugh by still being able to quote, pretty near exactly, many of the choicest lines from the first film to be released (Episode IV, A New Hope) and give insight into which scenes were added in the special edition of 1997.  It was some good times with my boy.

It really is true what they say. A thoughtful and complete education really does help a mom to enrich the lives of her children. I may not have a degree, but at least I am aware of the basic fact that Sand People always ride single file, to hide their numbers. Duh! How people get along without understanding that, I'll never know.

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  1. Love it!!! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend!


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