Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

After days of watching her inexorable progress north from the tropics on the news, Sandy turned left and inched toward us all day yesterday, finally making landfall last evening. As usual, we've been spared the worst due to our location inland and on high ground. So, no flooding, winds topped out at maybe 50 mph, and we are fine.

Our power is out again, but we do own a generator. It stopped working last night in the worst of the storm, but I'm confident Eric will have it up and running again here soon. While it was working last night, life was nearly normal except for the cold creeping in.

Now the wind is quiet, the rain has slowed to a steady drum and I hear birds singing their morning songs. Quite a change from yesterday. I imagine most of our time today will be spent waiting and watching and trying to be of help to others who are in worse straits than us.

My thoughts go out to those who are truly suffering.

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