Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sine Nomine

Here is a desultory list of thoughts. I just feel like writing.

  • The trees are GORGEOUS right now. I am loving driving around under the golden light of the changing leaves. The equinox has shifted the angle of the sun, so everything has taken on that certain Autumn patina. 
  • Related to all that driving, I am so tickled with my little convertible! On any day where the skies are not falling and the temperature is above 50 degrees, I can hardly stand to drive without the top down. It's like the whipping wind blows all the cobwebs right out of my head, and I just feel happy and light zooming to and fro with nothing but air all around me. 
  • I'm also pleased with my newly short hair and the discovery of headwraps and hairbands to keep me looking pulled together, even with all that whipping wind. 
  • I have been reading a lot. With Evan in driver's ed right now, my days alone have stretched out to nearly 6pm and reading is capturing my fancy at the moment. I have no shortage of other options to fill my solitary daylight hours, but it has been a pleasure to just sit and read. I have no pressing knitting deadlines, so I've gone back to opening books and turning pages instead of always choosing the audio option. Lovely. 
  • A friend met on the internet has moved into the area, and I've so enjoyed getting to know her better in person. We went to see Lois Lowry at one of the great independent bookshops of the world, Politics and Prose and it was a special evening for me. It definitely played a part in getting back to the habit of quiet afternoon reading. Thanks Lucia!
I have no conclusion or unifying idea to share, I just needed to get some thoughts down in words. It's a good, fresh time in my life and I want to record all the stages of getting from here to the next part, whatever that may be. 

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