Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weight Watchers Update

Yesterday I went to my third Weight Watcher's meeting. It was on a different day, so there was a different leader. I will be back to this meeting. M was stupendously motivating, smart and fun. Her approach resonated with me more than the other gal, nice as she was. So, that was neat to find out--the leader matters. In spite of it being that time of the month and me being at a conference last weekend with plate after plate of gorgeous catered food, I still lost a little weight. I'm going to keep my progress on the down-low till I feel like it's becoming visible, but today, when I realized that my efforts, imperfect as they were, were paying off and I'd officially lost a bit more, I was surprised to find myself emotional. I actually cried a couple of joyful little tears. Strange, what our weight and body image mean to us. This body is merely the box I live in, but it's nice to live in a decent, well-cared for box I suppose.

I'm realizing that on some days I actually don't eat enough because of my anxiety. It's the same proces that stops me from breathing sometimes too. I'm just thinking too hard about stuff and I don't realize I'm hungry. So, it's been helpful to have a flexible target and a checklist of the things I should concentrate on first. Once I have those things taken care of, it's pretty simple to count points. I really like the program. If it turns out that I can stay on this path and be successful, I think WW would be a great place to take on some part-time work someday, so that is helping to motivate me as well. It's just another form of teaching, and I know I'm good at that.

I'm starting to recognize a particular feeling of being in control and strong when it comes to food and exercise, and it's a really good feeling.


  1. Go you!! You're always so great at being goal-oriented, and accomplishing your goals. A quality I need to work on!

  2. Wonderful! So good that you've found a leader you click with.


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