Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Sleepless Night

Tonight I had my chance. At about 9 pm I was done for the day. I was falling asleep as I sat on a couch visiting a friend. I came home and got into pajamas and turned off everything, gave a couple last consults on a homework question and let my body relax under the covers. My eyes closed and I felt heaviness settle over my body, but sleep would not come. Always around the holidays I let my schedule track with the young people in my life and stay up late and I can handle it for a while but tonight I really was ready for a full night's sleep.

Yet here I am. Blogging at 3 am (sighing in dejected, limp frustration). My alarm is set to go off in 2 hours to get Evan's lunch and see him off to seminary. At this point, I'm now afraid I'll miss the alarm, so I probably won't try sleep at all. And tomorrow is a FULL day of stuff I have to do. (sighing again)

I'm trying to figure out what's on my mind that won't let my head turn off, so I decided I'll try to write it all out of my system.

  • I'm thinking a lot about my missionary son again. He had an unusual week, but it will all work out, I'm sure of it. 
  • I have LOTS of normal things to do in the next few days. Some are overdue, some are on time, and for some I'm ahead of the game, but they all need to get out the door, and include: 
    • making reservations for my February travel
    • finding a hotel for our trip to see my sister
    • putting in 2 photo orders
    • proofing 2 shoots
    • getting discs/uploads to dropbox done for three clients
    • putting away the Christmas decoration boxes (the decor is all dismantled, I just have to get everything stored)
    • making sure to set the dvr for Downton Abbey, which starts on Sunday (What? That's keeping me awake??? Shhsh. I'm just trying to capture the whole parade of thoughts...)
    • Reading my book club books
    • Getting back on track with Weight Watchers (I took a break from tracking over the holidays, but it's okay because I MISSED it and can't wait to get started again)
    • Getting my from-home kids settled and back to their routines
Hmm, my brain was a little full and the update is that after writing all that stuff down, I was able to go to sleep immediately, I did hear my alarm, got up to see Evan off for the day, then went back to sleep till after 10 am. Not ideal, but I did sleep at last. So, now I have half a day to get a full day's work done but it is all laid out before me and I can get a move on. I'm off to a good start, dressed, with a load of laundry in the washer and my bed made. 

Welcome, 2013! Let's make it a good year. 

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