Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Thursday

I woke up late today, but we still managed to get Evan to seminary and I have managed to resist the urge to climb back into bed. It's not very cold out and it's sunny, and I have a date with a friend later today, and those facts have helped me to keep moving and stay productive.

So, here is what I've done since 5:40 am (Yes, that's late. We are all supposed to be up by 5):

  • Drove Ev to seminary
  • Got the Christmas decorations put away
  • Put out the garbage
  • Put in a load of laundry plus folded another one
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
  • Decluttered in my office area
  • Wrote two blog posts for my knit blog to be published while I'm out of town this weekend
  • Listened to the Book of Mormon audiobook (the actual Book of Mormon, no affiliation to the musical, haha)
  • Wrote a letter to my son in California
  • Actually mailed said letter (the greater triumph, really)
  • Answered some emails
  • Fed the animals
  • And last but not least, folded the second load of laundry, wrote this blog post and got ready to go run some errands. 
I really want a nap, but if I just keep moving, I'll be fine, right?

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  1. Keep on going, you'll be fine!!! And then tonight your body will really be ready for a good night's rest!


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