Sunday, January 19, 2014


I am enjoying my One Word. It seems to be a good approach for my brain. It has prompted me to delete lots of saved (but as yet unread) emails, links and articles about all kinds of things I might someday want to learn about but apparently don't have time for now. I am, without fear of missing out or regret, saying no to new and improved methods for living life. I have made huge progress on my out-of-control inbox because I'm focusing on what has value to me and what does not. I have been an unsubscribing ninja!

Decluttering, which is always on my mind, has become easier and more directed. Sticking to a routine has felt slightly less claustrophobic.

I know it's only been a few days, but I feel a peaceful space growing in my mind. If the input, opportunities and obligations I experience daily are like a teeming jungle with a constant cacophony of choices competing for my attention from every side, then the mental nudge to Align is like a deserted beach at sunrise. It's quiet and spare, with the calming rhythm of the tide repeating softly. It slows me down and stops me from getting whiplash trying to look at everything at once and never miss out on something (that might be) awesome.

One big thing happening is my complete rethinking of my journey as a photographer. I'm starting from scratch. I'm taking only jobs I really want which means I'm saying no to other jobs. I'm practicing photography again, rather than just producing photographs for clients. It is incredibly scary, but whenever I am more mindful about what I do with my camera, it lands me on that lovely beach in my mind, and the feeling is right.

I think most importantly of all, I'm feeling more gratitude and less longing. I'm lingering in each moment instead of wishing it away. That's a big deal for me. I generally live either in the past  or the future, and neither is actually touchable. Right now is the only tangible thing, and it's good to consciously feel the present sliding though my fingers, sparkling, then let the tide carry it away.


  1. I've had those same feelings about photography. I want to be a student, practice, stop taking jobs I don't feel interested in (or equipped to do). Right now I'm trying to align my "jobs" into things that work together, instead of pile on top of each other. Sometimes you can't just add homeschooling a difficult child on top of all the other things you do and hope to get away with it! :)

  2. Thank you for this post! I so often feel the pull of "how to live better" etc and it's unfruitful and in fact detrimental to what we're actually doing right NOW. I need to learn not to be afraid of missing out on potential things, because while I'm wondering/wishing for them I'm letting current moments pass me by.
    You're the best, Kellie. I wish we lived closer


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