Thursday, May 29, 2014


Evan asked me today why graduation ceremonies are called Commencement. I explained that they signify the beginning of a new life. He wasn't buying it. At this moment in time, it seems he is focused more on the fact that something pretty big has just ended.

I know how he feels.

Fortunately, today I had enough on my mind that I honestly never had a chance to get truly emotional during Evan's commencement. I felt a little teary happiness when I got some thoughtful texts, and I was so happy in the middle of the program when I realized that all the siblings and the granddarling were watching online the live stream of the ceremony. Once again through technology, we were all together as a family for a few moments. I physically felt joy vibrating in me about that: my parents here with me, and everyone else taking time from their day to tune in. Since that was the best we could do, it was actually perfect. Especially this face.
A and A watching graduation streaming live.
Baby is apparently amazed that Evan graduated. 
So, yes, I should back up a bit. Today Evan graduated from high school. The last couple of months have included all the milestones leading to that moment: AP tests, proms, photos, parties, awards ceremonies and the like. Interspersed throughout has been the process of Evan planning and executing his Eagle Project, which will take place on June 7. He has to finish before he's 18. He's researched 3 other Eagle projects over the years, and finally he found an organization that stuck with him. These have been heady days, intense, joyful, busy, and stressful at times. See?
Prom times

Award Ceremony times. He got a couple of nice academic awards. 

Heading out the door on his (and my) last last day of school. 

I never took a first day of school picture this year, so instead we captured the
last day. It seemed fitting. 

At Ravens Stadium for the Lacrosse National Championships.
Ev's favorite sport.
According to my phone, he was actually playing the game.  Ha. 

So, as the finale to these moments and so many years, yesterday was just really fun. My parents, the best grandparents on the planet, went to my nephew's high school graduation in Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday night, then got on a redeye so they could be here on Thursday morning for Evan's day.

It was raining, so we did not do our usual graduation photo shoot on the lawn at Merriweather, but we did get the moment recorded. Congratulations my dear youngest boy! This is an ending, but it really is the beginning also. I can't wait to see where you go from here!

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  1. So sweet! Love the bow tie (bow ties are cool!) and baby's shocked face! Maybe she's really thinking "how many years before I get to do that?" ;) Glad you were able to get so much of your family together :)


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