Thursday, June 05, 2014

Sweet Goodbye

I said goodbye to my mom and dad today at the airport. They stayed this whole week after Evan's graduation, the sweeties.

I kept it mostly together but did have my tears while driving home. It's my mom and dad, after all.

After the excitement of the graduation day and dinner, nothing huge happened,  but we did spend time together. They got to see old friends and sleep in and take naps if they wanted. My mom and I did some shopping. Sheely stayed a couple of nights and they really enjoyed having her around. I'm so grateful they could come and continue their streak of being at all the baptisms and graduations of their grandkids. I appreciate my family of origin a lot and was reminded of that.

Some highlights:
  • My dad helped with some of the Eagle Scout project preparations. 
  • My mom and I talked about the flowers in my garden. She wanted a tour of the garden. Such a good mommy. 
  • We went to this incredible garden shop to get the elusive Cornus Alternifolia tree for the Eagle Project. (Yeah, it's nearly all we are thinking about right now)
  • We went down to Old Town Alexandria, VA and had a lovely day in the sun. With a perfect finish of ice cream (And almost no Eagle project thoughts. SO nice!).
  • My mom helped me pick out some new accessories for my June seasonal table. 
  • We watched tv and laughed. 
  • We had so much good food it was ridiculous. Even now I feel like I could go a couple of days without eating and be just fine. 

We like being silly.  

We call him Pop, so it fits. 


  1. They are awesome. Sounds like a perfect visit. Your "family of origin" reference reminded me that Olivia informs me I am to call them my "Old Family" and Jeff and Annabelle my "New Family" ;) I think I like yours better.

  2. How great that you got to enjoy time with them. Sounds like you had a perfectly lovely time. Getting a little teary as they leave is perfectly in order :)


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