Monday, June 30, 2014

The Follow Up

The situation that prompted my last post (and thank you so much for all the kind words and positive responses) has eased up somewhat. It all had to do with the big Eagle Scout award and the fact that there was no evidence for the kid having completed two required merit badges years ago. I mean like 5 years ago.  I am not always so good at those kinds of details and was so helplessly frustrated at this lapse of record-keeping and accuracy in Scouting. It felt like a fail, even though it wasn't really. Regardless,  I needed to have a little Go Kellie cheer session in my head.

Fortunately, we actually managed to not panic, to reach out for help from the right places, and through some determined effort combined with some hard work, everything was pieced together. We were up against a wall though, because everything had to be found, recreated, documented and recorded by today since the big 18th birthday is tomorrow and that is the hard deadline. Add to that the fact that the kid left yesterday to go to Utah while I'm away at girls' camp this week. There was much of frenzied emailing and driving to other towns and emergency talking with leaders in a remarkably short amount of time.

Add to that the preparations for both his trip and my trip and the general heightened stress level of the last few months and HOLY COW. No wonder I had so many words spill out of me on Friday.

But I found these at Trader Joes on Saturday and you know what? I think they actually helped. It was either those or the chocolate-covered marshmallows. I'm not quite sure.

And I got to take pictures like this on Friday for a family I love.

And my garden looks like this.

Yes, I'm up late again, still finishing up preparations for camp and some work stuff and trying to get a box ready for my missionary girl. She's doing great, by the way, and we are so happy for her. But she needs some happy music and Clif bars, so I am sending them down.

I just wanted to let people know things are okay. We had a lesson in church today about ministering angels, and I tell you what, we had some tending to us this weekend. So much help came from just the right places and we all survived.

Now I just have to finish this and I can go to bed.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I'm glad everything worked out and that you had so much help and that now you're both off on your respective adventures. My kitties were so happy to have you take care of them again, and I was so happy to find them safe and happy when I returned from my adventure. When you get back we shall sit down and share stories together :)


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