Book Review: Wonder

July 6, 2014

Wonder by RJ Palacio
Grades 3-7
I listened to the audiobook narrated by Diana Steele, Nick Podehl, Kate Rudd.
You might like this book if you enjoy stories about underdogs, people who must overcome challenges, or stories about dealing with disabilities.

My in-person, SSBC (Super Secret Book Club) chose this a couple of months ago and I finally just finished it. It's been a busy time for me.
In spite of how long it took me to listen, I loved it. 100%. Beautiful, touching, comfortingly predictable (it's a good story, I only say predictable because I really do want to believe in the core goodness of people), and well-imagined.

August, known as Augie,  is a boy who, because of a profound facial deformity, has never been to public school. This story tells about what it was like for him to finally go to middle school and have to live through the daily actions and reactions of those around him. The less-understood things we must face in life tend to bring out either the best or the worst in humanity, and this book covers both scenarios.

I think the author does a great job of creating the world of middle school and especially the thoughts and interactions of the young main characters. It's well-worth your time and probably would be a quick, easy read. It's only an 8-hour  audiobook.

Some in my book group were curious about my response because I have a disabled sister. She moves around earth in a wheelchair, and has since she was in her teens. I can't even attempt to say anything from her side of that life, but thinking about things from my side, with memories of watching her all these years, I found the book very touching and I did think of my sis. She is a wonder too. She inspires kindness and inclusion and I admire her greatly, just as you will August and the people closest to him.

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