Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Desultory String of Realizations

I finally realized, due to having to write so much for actual work endeavors, writing here doesn't always feel like the relaxing treat it once did. It feels a bit like another assignment. It still matters to me to write here though, and go through the process of reframing my experiences to extract the good, so I will continue, even if it's in small bites.

Recently my friend Gwen and I were having our weekly meeting about our website. She told me about a technique for starting a new year with effective planning and goal-setting that will lead to real success rather than the usual resolutions that are forgotten by now. The idea is to write down your limiting beliefs about yourself, then use that list as a blueprint for action. As you work through the LB's you'll reveal the steps to take for forward movement. It makes sense to me.

I identified my limiting beliefs quite easily and I'm currently working on them. I read that a lot of negative stress about accomplishment comes from thinking about things we are not doing, rather than the things we are actually doing. I do that a lot--think about the stuff I'm not doing. Realizing that, I've decided to focus on doing small things as a foil to the limiting belief that certain things before me are too big to get done--I'll never be able to organize them and do them well. Here's one example: A major goal I have this year is to downsize all my possessions by half. For reals. Half the clothes, half the books, half the yarn, etc.. That's a big job and makes me tired if I look at it as a whole. So tired I want to move it from the To Do list back to the LB list. Something I've found that works for me is the suggestion I found on an organizing website to handle 5 things every time I leave a room: put them away, throw them away, recycle, whatever. Just do it. 5 at a time. It's becoming a habit to grab and deal with 5 things and it's been gratifying to see surfaces reveal themselves and spaces become a little more calming.
Yes. Half of this will be gone soon. I mean it!

I realize, after hearing it my whole life, I'm better putting into practice the truth that says,"...By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."  I also realize that I lack patience and must learn from all the million corroborating experiences I've had in my life to let things unfold rather than requiring instant results and big outcomes. It always works out and I'm grateful that I know that. Now I just have to remember it. 

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  1. This is interesting because lately, I've been learning the "do less, more often" principle. I'm not sure it would work for everything, but applying it it has certainly been getting my stuff organized WAAAAY faster than I would have guessed before I tried it.


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