Book Review: Dad is Fat

March 17, 2015

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan
Memoir, Non-fiction
I listened to the audiobook read by the Author. I found it through my local library on Overdrive.
You might like this book if you're a fan of the author's comedy, or if you like humorous memoirs about family life. 

Jim Gaffigan is an observational comic who does steady work on tour as a stand-up, in late-night television appearances, and in his own specials. He is also a husband and father, and it those roles he clearly relishes most. This book of quirky, sharp, and sometimes laugh-out-loud-funny anecdotes about life with 5 kids in a NYC apartment was a total delight.

I especially liked that Mr. Gaffigan read the book, because I could hear in his voice just how crazy he is about his wife, how much he respects her, and is grateful for her balancing presence in his life. I could also hear his unabashed joy in his kids as he recounted episodes from the sublime to the ridiculous, painting a picture of a family life so real and down to earth that I could completely relate.

I found it refreshing, honest and hilarious.

If you would enjoy an effortless and fun read or listen that gives a peek into the life of a man who unapologetically loves his family most of all, check this out.

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