Friday, April 03, 2015

A Quick Post to Dissipate Some Crazy

Goodness! My nervous system is on high alert today. I'm so excited for Sara's return on Tuesday but I'm now into the tiny last minute details of wanting her to have a really nice place to come home to. Since we had turned her room into an office, we are remaking it into a bedroom. The flood we had last weekend when our water heater quietly leaked gallons of water all over the two lower levels of our house definitely put me off schedule and I wish I had things more put together for her welcome home. I have to admit I'm kind of upset about not having things perfect (as I define it, ha), but that's generally not the way of life, especially not my life. 

As my pal Beth observed, "Bad water heater." 

The good news is that she's flexible and easy going about things like this, and I've been able to somewhat shift my thinking to the fact that now she can decide how to set things up and exactly what she'd like the last couple of pieces of furniture to be. So, it won't be quite what I imagined, and she'll have to live out of suitcases until we can get her a dresser, but it will be okay. 

As always, I'm grateful for friends who call or text just at the exact minute I'm about to freak out and get me out of myself. Sometimes they think they are asking me to help them out with some small thing, but actually, they are angels, disconnecting the circuit of nonsense I get into at times and replacing it with really good times. Now, as I get ready to turn in for the night, things are tidy, there's a place for Sara to sleep, a place for her to put her suitcases, and room to hang some things in the closet. We'll sort out the rest in time. She'll need projects in the first days and weeks anyway. 

This weekend,  as the perfect foil to my internal frenetics, there is not much happening in the way of the festive, eggy sort of Easter celebrations. There will, however, be time for considering on my faith, learning more about the Savior and spending time with loved ones old and new. I have some cooking to do, some knitting to do, some blogging to do, and a few other things to keep me from counting every second till Tuesday.

Woven through all of that will be the semi-annual General Conference of my church. It will be perfect timing, because I can lose myself in the lessons of faith, renewal and redemption. These conference sessions are always some of my favorite times of the year. There's lots of music, and sometimes we stand up in our living rooms and sing right along with the broadcast. I love that. I love thinking of people I know, like my kids in Utah, or Sara in Brazil, or my siblings to the west, all standing up and singing at the same time. It fills me with a feeling of connection and purpose. My faith is founded on God as the Father of a great family, with all of us brothers and sisters. This weekend will help me remember that.

I'll leave you with the couple of decent images of the moon I was able to capture tonight. A spring moon. A passover moon. A moon like the one that might have shone down on the Savior as he gave up his life. I spoke with my friend Milana on Wednesday. Tonight she and her family celebrated Passover.  The Jewish calendar moves with the cycle of the moon to remind us all that redemption is not only possible, it happens all the time in this tired old world. There is renewal all around us. In the earth, in the light, in humanity. Remember that in a couple of weeks when the sky is dark. 

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  1. Really excited for Sara's return. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Conference. It's one of my favorite times of the year as well. I look forward to the refreshment I have always found. It's always been a remarkable thing to me how many speakers generate thoughts, ideas and opportunities that reflect so much of what's going on with me personally, let alone the world around us.


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