Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Girl in the House

It's been a week since This happened: 

So far, we've: 

Attended the temple
Bought a dresser, painted it purple, assembled it, and got it up to her room
Attended church
Listened to lots of music
Caught up on doctor visits
Picked out new glasses, also purple
Watched movies

I like that last one best. It's so good to have her home. 

My friend Matt put this on my facebook page on the day she came home: 


It's from Matthew 25:21

Good and faithful, indeed. 
And yes, joy. 
As a parent, you work and hope and pray and teach and dream and then

You let go, 
so suddenly. 

My hand may have grasped, unbelieving, at the empty air, just for a minute. 
Now she's back, just for a brief touchdown before her next flight. 
I'll take all the minutes and hours and breaths and songs that she's here. 
Every one. 
Oh, and the laughing. 
There is always laughing with her. 

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