Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4 am

As a mother, there seem to be certain reflexes that haven't had long enough to slow in the scant year since my youngest left home.

When I heard someone stirring in the wee hours, I woke up immediately to full alertness. It wasn't a big noise, just steps and a door opening, and those sounds came through my closed door and covers over my head. I marvel that I yet have that ability to instantly be aware that something is not right and feel the need to investigate.

Because I went to bed on the early side (I was exhausted from a big work meeting, a challenging gym class and general grumpiness, so I put myself to bed), I'm up for a while; at least until my sleep cycle resets. It's okay though, because 4 am feels peaceful and calm after my grumpy, peckish evening.

I never did summarize my week in Utah, from which I returned 3 weeks ago, so at the end are some pictures of that as a reward for reading my 4 am drivel. It was a good week. I enjoyed being with both friends and family. There were many people I didn't get to see, but I recently started a list and would estimate I know about 100 people who live in Utah currently, and unless we all had a party, there would be no way I could see them all, so sometimes it's easier to see none. I did see Meagan though, and that was a highlight of lovely talking and feeling loved. And seeing Amy, even though she doesn't live in Utah, was a little piece of home and heaven. Her daughter's wedding was one of the chief reasons we were there, and I'm so glad it worked out. When I return to Utah in September (sheesh, that trip is only about 7 weeks away now) I will make it a priority to see a few more friends that I haven't seen in a while.

And now, summer is fully underway, with all that entails. Heavy heat and humidity are balanced by regular thunderstorms and a riot of flowers in my yard. Evenings in the hammock and friends stopping by on walks to pick up apples fallen from the tree and looking for sticks in my yard: these are the things that make summer precious. I want to enjoy the sweet, gentle air filled with life and sound, because soon enough the times will come when the lush, welcoming green will give way to less cordial conditions.

The light is building and the morning bird chorus has begun. I have a boatload of things to get done today, so I suppose I'll choose to look at this early start as a gift. I'm sad Sam is not feeling well and had to get up in the wee hours in the first place, but off I go to start the day. If you ever find yourself awake at 4am, this may help your perspective.

Running with Amy in Provo Canyon. A favorite moment. 
With the peeps at 7 Peaks, the local waterpark. 
With the peeps and the Parishes, who are also definitely
our peeps, at 7 Peaks. 
Granddarling's favorite game with me--Let's Go
Riding Together.  I learned that game way back when
Johnathan and Jeffrey were in Peabody's Kindermusik
Class with a charming Scottish woman who's name I can't
Evan plays Ultimate against the red rocks of Cedar City. He's
a really fun athlete to watch--so graceful and poised. 
Celebrating a marriage in St. George. These lovely women all
served missions out here and I was privileged to serve with them. 
Visiting a beautiful temple in St. George.
And another in Las Vegas. 
The desolate beauty of Southern UT/NV. 
The leaving times. Evan loses his bones and
Sara catches him. 
Then he catches her. 
And we had to say goodbye. 
But we saw our Parish peeps again on the
way home. Wish we could have stayed. 
And Mini got a prosthetic limb to get us home after an
unexpected flat caused by hitting a pothole at 80 mph. For
the record, Richmond, IN is a great little town, and
Michel's Tires Plus is my favorite. Ever. After staying late
to install the temporary tire, Dan called me a day later to
make sure I made it home safe. 
More peeps. The German kind. These are my
niece and nephew on their way to Arizona. We met
up after the tire incident.  
I love them! 
And we made it home.  
These greeted me at the front door. 


  1. Your posts always make me happy and reflective. And then I wonder if I comment too much. And then I say who cares, I want you to know I enjoy experiencing your life even from afar.

    1. You could never comment too much. I dream of a time and place when we could visit all the time.


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