Monday, March 21, 2016

Home in Two Weeks

Last week, I celebrated being gone from home for one month by changing my locale again. Just for 4 nights. I tried out Allegiant Air from Mesa to Provo (two small, regional airports), doing my best imitation of a minimalist, taking my camera and a few items of clothing and heading out.

It was incredibly convenient to land right in Provo, just 10 minutes drive for my son to pick me up, rather than a 2 hour round trip to and from SLC. We went to his house and I got to see their whole family, including a lovely new granddarling, who was born just about a month ago. That was my purpose in going, to give my daughter in law some respite and help after a surprise c-section delivery. I had the delightful opportunity to spend nearly whole days with the two year old--getting her breakfast, taking her to the playground, and generally being by her side as she went through her busy little toddler-routine. These were sweet moments I definitely want to remember. She won't remember, but hopefully the beginnings of a lifelong relationship have begun to imprint on her little heart.

When your little person wants you to swing,
you swing. 

Hearing her laugh is honestly one of the
greatest things on the entire planet. 

The rest of this quick trip was filled with evening visits to the homes of my sons, a morning meeting together and sharing Kolaches from Hruska's, and plenty of laughing. Everything was crowned by Sunday morning's opportunity to sit together in a church building and participate in, via broadcast, the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple. It's the 150th dedicated temple in the world, and has a wonderful story. I loved having almost all of my dear ones around me as we considered the blessings of knowing that families can be together forever.

It was a lovely interlude in this trip and I'm so glad it worked out. Now I look forward to my last week in Arizona before I fly to Nashville for STITCHES South, and my bookended travels will be at an end.

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  1. I didn't realize you snuck down to Provo! How perfect.


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