Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mom's Surgery

Keeping vigil while mom was in surgery. 5 of the 8 kids were there with my
dad, which felt good. 
On Tuesday, Mom had a double mastectomy. From my perspective, she has done really, really well recovering from it. She hasn't had too much pain and today as I type this, she is outside spraying down her patio with a hose. She's been up and around, helping with chores like laundry and dishes, and has been in good spirits. Actually, when I think about her during this week, I'm astonished at her strength and resilience.

Helping her recover from that event was my main reason for coming out here, and happily, I find myself a bit superfluous at this point. I assisted her a couple of times with some post-op care, but since the second day, she's been taking care of all that herself.  I'm still puttering around, making sure people eat and doing a bit of advocating with doctors, but not much else. I can't tell much more of the story, since it's hers to tell, but my part to play has become little more than companionship and racking up a few nice memories with my family.

To that end, I've gotten to spend ever more time with nieces and nephews that I really like, and I treasure those times. I've had lots of sweet communication with my precious friends at home, and Eric and I continue to talk at least once a day. The whole trip still has that quiet, sabbatical kind of feel, and I'm pondering a great deal on the idea of resetting and rebooting.  While I still have about 23 days till I get home (which sounds like a really long time), I'm doing okay. I have moments of feeling actual longing to be there, but I also know that I'll never regret this time with family.

As for what's going on at my house, it's been gratifying to see that everyone is doing just fine without me. Truly. I wasn't sure I'd be able to really let go, and I have. Except for the occasional call or text asking advice about this or that, Lisa is doing beautifully managing her class and her children. I'm proud of her and of myself.

Here are a few pictures from this week.

One doesn't usually think of Misty Mountains in AZ, but a lovely, cloudy
morning gave us this view, poorly captured while stopped at a traffic light.
It was really quite magical. 

The desert is blooming right now. 
This thoughtful gift from friends of mine in MD really
touched mom's heart. Thank you, Nancy and Anne!

Some textures of the desert. 

Seeing Zootopia with these lovelies. Oh, the sloths!

Last night's sunset was amazing, just from the backyard. 

Coloring with my niece. I love times like this, when I'm
invited into a child's world. I hope I never get too old
to accept those invitations.

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  1. So glad your mother is doing so well. Beautiful desert photos!


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