Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Since the Surgery

Mom is now 3 weeks post-op. Her recovery from the surgery has continued to be really, really good. Miraculous-seeming to us who know her and were so concerned about how small and frail she is.

Since my last post, we've gone shopping, gone out to lunch, done an interview for Story Corps, spent lots of time talking, made yummy food together, and all sorts of other good memory-making things. I've had several friends tell me what a sweet, precious opportunity it is to spend this kind of time together with a parent, and I am not taking it for granted. I've genuinely focused on trying to be present with mom, to just talk and laugh and enjoy her personality. I really do have lots of memories to take home with me.

Her cancer journey isn't over yet, but she's made it past this hurdle with a great sense of humor and a lot of grace. I've been amazed at  how my siblings love and take care of our momma. Her next round of treatments will start in a few weeks, and we have every hope that it will go well.

Yesterday, we spent my last full day in Arizona on Mount Lemmon, a 9000 foot peak that takes one up and out of the desert city of Tucson to the piney alpine wonder that mountaintops provide. There was snow, trees, rocks to scramble over, and time with Mom, Pop and Cheyenne. We had lunch across the road from a little ski resort, and then drove up as close to the summit as we could get. I've never been to Mt. Lemmon before now, so it was a very good day. I loved the views, the cold, fresh air, and the chance to see something new.

Today, my time in Arizona has come to an end. I'm waiting at PHX right now for a flight to Nashville. My sister will come pick me up, I'll work for the long weekend at STITCHES South and then, a week from yesterday, I will go home. It will be good to be there. Surreal, but good.
Mom and me on Easter Sunday. 

My sister and family. Times like this were the greatest part of
this trip. 

Near the top of Mt. Lemmon, in the wind. 

I loved the view from just below the summit. 

This morning, I left before sunrise. This is my last glimpse of
the Tortolita Mountains, where my parents' house is nestled. 

The last sunrise in AZ on this trip. 

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