Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Happy Birthday to Sara

Twenty-two years ago today, I became the mother of a daughter. After 3 sons, it was not a sure bet in my mind, and back then, when they looked at the blurry sonogram and told me I was having a girl, I didn't actually believe it 100% until she arrived.

She came early, but was perfect and healthy. Memories I have of that time are:

  • They discovered I was in labor during a non-stress test at a routine prenatal checkup. They were keeping an eye on me because my uterus had been compromised during my last c-section and it would be dangerous to go into labor, but because of the damaged muscle tissue, early labor was likely as the baby got bigger. 
  • They sent me to the hospital, and I went right over. But, because it was the early stage of labor, and I wasn't uncomfortable or obviously ready to have a baby, the nurses were very grumpy that I was there taking up a bed. They thought I was a nervous first-time mom and had jumped the gun. They hadn't gotten word from my doctors yet, and one nurse was genuinely impatient with me and told me to go home. I stood my ground and explained the situation and she finally let me stay and they started me on meds to stop the contractions. 
  • They sent me home with a prescription and orders to try and grow the baby for a few more weeks, but the meds made my heart rate go so high, they decided to take me off of them 2 days later. They told me to get immediately to the hospital for a c-section that night. 
  • I was relieved instead of upset because the meds were making me feel terrible, like my heart was going to burst out of my body. 
  • May 4, 1994 was a Wednesday, and because Eric was in evening law school, he was down at GWU in the city. My brother Phil, just off his mission, came to the rescue and took me to the hospital. It's strange, but I honestly can't remember who took care of my boys, whether my mom came over or another one of my brothers or sisters, or what. 
  • What I do remember is that I was Primary President (in charge of the children's group at church) and we were having an activity soon. I remember taking craft supplies to my counselor's (co-president's) house on the way to the hospital. I felt more stress about missing the activity and dropping everything in my counselor's lap than having the actual baby. 
  • Eric did arrive in time for the surgery, and my brother, who was already planning to be a doctor, got permission to come in and watch. 
  • Even though she was 25 days early, she weighed over 6 pounds and her lungs were totally fine, so she could come home with us. 
  • She was so pretty, with a full head of auburn hair. 
I can find no photos of her newborn self right now. None. I have been reorganizing and scanning photos this year and apparently they are ALL misplaced at the moment. Put that in my Mother of the Year (not) file. 
Oh well. She was adorable. Just picture it. Now, she is beautiful.

Happy Birthday, lovely. 

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