Thursday, July 14, 2016

Photo Catch-Up

I've had some lovely times in the 6 weeks or so since I got back from my last trip. This and the next couple of posts will attempt to catch up on all the things.  I usually only feel the urge to write when I need to process stuff, so a lot of these kinds of just fun drafts about life at home languish in limbo. Tonight I'm on an adrenaline high from a two-workout day and I'm going to take advantage of it.

My first day home from England, way back at the beginning of June, was special because I got to celebrate this girl's birthday with her! She's the daughter of my bestest childhood friend, and she's staying with us till she gets an apartment. She works on Capitol Hill and is completely wonderful. I just love being around her. 15 years ago, her family was visiting and we got to host her 10th birthday at our house, so it was fun to start a tradition. See you back here on your 40th, Alysa! Ha.

You all know about the challenging parts of sharing my house with an entire other family, but here are the good parts. My relationship with these two is actually delightful and reminds me of why I'm doing all of this. This family IS worth the effort. Lisa was doing some modeling for me, and so of course, these two wanted in, and I was able to snap a few cute pics. They are good little people. 

After a few days at home to do some laundry and make this awesome magnet board for my travel souvenirs, I traveled all the way to...Washington DC. I was working a trade show there, doing photography, teaching and social media. I got to stay in a fancy hotel and be a tourist in my nearest big city. I love DC and it was a unique experience to immerse myself in a downtown that I have visited many times. Because I'm already comfortable with the layout and patterns of the city, I was completely relaxed walking around and seeing the sights. The convention itself was great, because it's work I just love. I enjoy the people, the creative energy, and I actually feel like I'm making a contribution to the industry. I am still pretty much pinching myself that my hobbies have developed into this magical self-directed career, complete with all the grown-up things like invoices, taxes and billable hours.

Public art at the convention center. 

Meeting the friend of my dear friend. 

Matching with my wonderful Gwen. 

Seeing these people makes me deeply happy. 

Art and architecture in the city. Mt. Vernon Square and
the Carnegie Library. 
 After the convention was over, my San Francisco friend stayed on for a couple of days and we played tourist. We went to museums and the National Mall and had lovely food. We talked and talked and were so in sync that it just filled my soul. The next day we went to the National Arboretum, then ended up in Annapolis for the afternoon and evening. It was 2 days filled with art, flowers, trees, sailboats, sunshine, breezes, food, books, and such good friendship. What an absolute treat. Thank you Beth, for spending this time with me. It mattered.

Art at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I really
love this painting. 
This photo exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts was
mind blowing. So powerful. 

This girl. 

I was THRILLED to discover that some of the
Wonder exhibits were still at the Renwick. I loved it
so much when I went with Corinne and was so happy to
show Beth. It was just as wonder-filled as the first time. 

More of Wonder. 

And more. 

The Vietnam Memorial never ceases to touch my heart. 

More wonder at the arboretum. 

The capitol pillars are just so cool. 
I LOVE this picture of my pal. Framed by the beauty of the Bonsai exhibit at the National Arboretum. 

Ah. Annapolis. Dinner at a table by the water watching
the sun go down through masts and sails. 

We got to see the boats go in and out for sailboat races. It was awesome to
see them go out then come back in a line.


  1. Spending time with you always makes ME happy, Kel. What a wonderful time we had!

  2. I love seeing our city and familiar places from your eyes! Am I Kristys friend? How fun!! Come play with me in Virginia sometime when life is quieter.

  3. Oh, seeing the world through your eyes makes me want to live TWICE as long!--what joyful freshness and LOVE of PEOPLE ties--also really touched by that woman painting--except that we're not nearer each other, you remind me of how glorious life is, even in that rich, sometimes heartbreaking way.


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