Friday, September 30, 2016

Two Months Gone

Since I last wrote, I've traveled far, both in miles and situation. Everything has changed, and it's time to update the record. For part of the last couple of months I was so much on the move that I simply didn't have time or internets to write, and for part of the time, I've just been tired, worried, or really, really busy using my computer and photos for work. But here I am, with an empty house and a head full of stuff.

Yes. An empty house. My guests are all gone.

Lisa and her boys left rather suddenly, and we are okay. I wish there could have been more healing and more peace in her world, but that's not under my control. I love her still and hope she knows it. I am still walking the labyrinth to find all the things to be learned from this experience. I'll keep you posted when I get closer.

My friend Alysa has also moved on to her own place, with people her age, within walking distance to the Metro, and filled with things of her own choosing, which matters so much. She's "adulting", and brilliantly. I love her too, and am grateful she's part of my life.

Things definitely feel different.

Tonight, I sit in a simple, comfortable room at a convent not too far from my home. Yes, you read that right, a convent. Part of the ministry here is to host retreats, and I have retreated. I'm listening to music, reading poetry and spending time on my own.  I'm here because way back in February, when my life was starting to feel really complicated and I was getting ready to leave for 7 weeks of work and mom-helping, I discovered Carrie Newcomer. Her songs mattered to me at that moment, and I went looking to see if she would be near me in concert. I discovered that she would, and at a retreat. There would be a writing workshop the next morning, and that sounded interesting. With a what-the-heck and a couple of clicks, I was all in.

Fast forward 7 months and the concert with Carrie was tonight. It filled me up in lovely ways. In addition, I was reunited with a treasured friend I haven't seen in years who was also attending. I didn't know she would be here and when I saw her, my heart soared and we had a sweet few moments together. I met two fellow attendees who have been wonderful to talk to. These are people of faith, and I'm loving being among them. Their vocabulary is different from mine, and I think that is good. I'm willing to bet I'm the only Mormon here, but that's also good. I will likely have the chance to both teach and learn.

Tomorrow will be my first ever writing workshop, which will be an entirely new experience. Even though I write, I have never, ever called myself a writer out loud. My boss at XRX recently introduced me as a writer, and it sounded strange to my ears. I questioned why, but I couldn't put my finger on it. So, tomorrow I'm going to try and figure out what might convince me the title fits.

Right now I'm going to curl up with a book of Carrie's poetry and go to sleep (early for me these days), and hopefully have some good dreams.

Here's one of Carrie's songs for you.

PS. I hope to write about this summer's glorious road-tripping but I'll probably back date the posts and you'll never see them in any feed. And I'm not making promises because I'm terrible at catching up when I get behind. It stresses me out and I start comparing myself unfavorably to others, so I may have to just let it go.  If you want to look at the pictures, you can click here to see them on Instagram. 

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  1. Love your photos, have always loved convents (since growing up with the Sound of Music ;) ), and love the adventures that keep finding you. I hope by now you are confident in admitting, YOU ARE A WRITER!!--if you're not, I don't know how to explain the way your words STIR MY SOUL. Love your heart! (& I'll try not to be too jealous of all the people getting to spend time with you!)


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