Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Golden Week in the Sun

This past week was so very fun. As I prepare to go back home, my  heart is full. I love being a daughter, a granddaughter, a mother-in-law, and an auntie. Each role gives me an opportunity to show love in unique ways, and considering those different roles makes me feel whole. We can never be everything to anyone, but in small moments, we can be really important to other people. I am happiest when I am embracing moments to be myself and be appreciated by people who love me. I'm un-self conscious, not worrying about how to post things on social media, or whether I should. I'm present, calm and feel that elusive sense of flow.

Here are the photos.
Oh, my heart. This is my niece and nephew and playing
with them fills me up. 

I love trail running in the desert. And pretending to be a

My dad invited me to go with him to a service project.
We bagged beans for the local food bank. This was
a surprisingly tender reminder of the good man he is and how
much he has taught me over the years about
being generous and helpful. 

My mom and I crocheted together. She's very talented and
picked up how to make these octopi right away. 

This was an ordinary moment in a playground, but we are
getting to the times in mom's life when the ordinary must
always be treasured.

There will always be a picture of an Arizona sunset. 

My brave daughter in law got in a car and spent an
entire weekend with me. It was so much fun to go up to
Flagstaff with her. It was a rather intense weekend and
she was a champ. 

Me with my grandma and auntie. In spite of family relationships always being
complicated, I do always feel loved when I'm in the presence of these good

More treasured auntie times. These are my brother's kids. It's surreal and
so joyful to see my wee brother grow up into such a good dad. 

Grandparents' day at the elementary school!

Sometimes you go to a movie with your sis and you are literally the only
people in the theater. This will always be a fun memory. Table 19 was great!

Oh the cuteness!

Last lunch with Mom and Pop on the way to the airport.
Love them. 

And toward home I go. 

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