Sunday, March 19, 2017

Getting Back

It's always a challenge to come back from a long trip, especially one that involves lots of time spent with family. 

Luckily, I had some help with the re-entry. 

My beloved twins came over the very day after I got home. That was serendipitous and lucky and blessed and all the other happy adjectives. They are some of the people who make me glad to live in Maryland. We rode scooters and climbed trees and I felt loved and trusted by people as precious to me as the family I just left. It made such a difference. 

And the weather was lovely. For a minute. 

 I got home to my daffodils greeting me like this. These are bulbs that are coming up on 25 years old. I've done nothing to them over the years, other then let them grow over and over again. I love how they start off the spring blooms.

I spent a lovely day in DC while Eric went to a tournament basketball game during the day. His teams lost, but I explored the Smithsonian Castle, the Tidal Basin (the cherry blossoms were just starting to think about blooming), and then met up with Alysa at the Botanical Gardens. That was a total treat to see her for a few minutes. Love that girl. This whole day made me happy to be back in my own familiar places.

 I also got to see Nancy and Anne, and start taking care of this darling pooch. Puppy snuggles are a good thing during re-centering.

Saturday morning was a major meeting for my newish assignment at church. I am the Assistant Director of Public Affairs along with my friends here. We make a good team. It is a spiritual assignment for me, as well as a practical one, because it gives me the chance to use my talents and the things I've been learning at XRX for the good of the church. I find it really satisfying and interesting. You can see my work @columbiamarylandmormons on Instagram, or at

Then, the weather changed and it turned into this. Ice. We thought it was going to be a major snowstorm, but instead it was a little snow and a lot of this. The flowers were not happy.

 Then there was Pi Day, and even though I didn't get it done until late, I did make a pie, and it was delicious. I used home-canned pie filling from our 2015 bumper apple crop. Win.

 But the world looked like this for a few days. Spring was definitely not starting yet. Which technically is okay, because it's not officially spring yet, but darn, this is a harsh way for winter to end around here. Especially after everything has started blooming.

 But eventually, things melted and the world felt springy again. My dear friend Nora and I went back to DC, together this time, to try and get into the very special Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Hirshhorn. We did not get in, but we had a memorable, beautiful day together getting glimpses of Yayoi's work and talking about art and life. Someday, Nora will get her own post, but for now, I am glad to have this memory with her.

 Giant vinyl spheres by Yayoi Kusama
Fabric, stuffed, painted. Tentacles? That is what they most
brought to my mind. 

Pumpkin. With a little snow still left on the ground. 
The following Saturday started out with a service project at a local food pantry, and frankly, that just always lifts my spirits. Serving others is what comes easiest to me in the entire world, and doing it along with these fine friends from church made me feel good inside. You can help out at the Open Doors Food Pantry yourself if you'd like!

And just like that, I'm home, settled in, and ready for the next adventure...Sara's WEDDING!!

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