Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seminary and the computer lives!

Well, seminary is off to a pretty good start. I have 20 attending regularly. Brent tried for a couple of days then gave up. That broke my heart a little, but he may let me work with him on a home-study basis. That would be a good thing. The other good news is that my computer has come back to life. The geniuses at the Apple Genius Bar backed it up for me and saved most everything. Then I (gulp) wiped the hard drive clean and started from scratch. I have had to spend a lot of time rebuilding things. The worst thing I lost was my music library from itunes. I did NOT lose the music, just the database overlay. So, definitely not the end of the world, but it has been a little arduous reconstructing all my playlists. I started a new playlist while I was working in Itunes. It is for Jeff Lowry for him to listen to while he undergoes treatment for his cancer. He is so dear to me and I was so touched by the mix my pal Corinne gave me that I thought I'd try to pass that same feeling on to Jeff. Off to finish my lesson...4:30 comes early.

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  1. I'm so glad you liked that mixer. I love to make playlists while having a specific person in mind. Well done Kellie


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