Friday, May 04, 2007

How Sara Celebrated Her Birthday

Sara turned 13 today. To celebrate, she got to stay home from school and go to lunch with Eric, my mom, and I. We went to The Cheesecake Factory, then my mom took her shopping. Right now, Eric has Sara and a couple of gal-pals at the theater watching Spiderman. (I have 3 May babies, and all the big movies that have opened over the years in May have made for some very easy parties.) Later they'll come back here for pizza and giggling. I've been having all kinds of fun decorating. Anyway, in spite of all the other enticements coming her way today, the main thing Sara did was read New Moon. My mom also went home with a copy of Twilight thanks to Sara's enthusiastic recommendation. These pictures tell the story...

On the way to the Cheesecake Factory...Waiting for food at the Cheesecake Factory...

Waiting for her friends to arrive...

It sure is a good thing I'm waiting till August.

Graduation Announcement Update: The company will print new ones and have them shipped within 72 hours. So, we'll send them out next week, and the bonus is I have him talked into a real Senior Photo Shoot, which are my favorite kind to do. Serendipity...the story of my life.


  1. Wahoo! I love those photos of Sarah. Just think of how much you'll enjoy yourself in August :)

  2. What a fun day! I LOVE the nose-in-the-book pictures! :)

    I remember the Cheesecake Factory. The DC Temple Vistor's Center Director took all us sister missionaries out for desert to thank us for our hard work during the Christmas rush. Sooo tasty!

    Glad the whole announcement thing worked out, and I love your new banner! What a breathtaking shot!

  3. when did she start looking like a teenager?! what happened to the achievement days girl?

    Awesome that she's so engrossed in a good book. What a fun day for her!

    yea for the senior photo shoot!

  4. love the book-o-phile pics! Cheesecake Factory is one of my favs for b-day celebrations. mostly because I'm always too full to eat dessert no matter where we go and I never feel weird getting "cheesecake to go" there! glad to hear the good news update for The Senior. yay!

  5. I love the reading shots. They are so anyone-in-the-middle-of-reading-Twilight. Ah, how I love those books.

    Glad the graduation announcements are working out.

  6. Happy birthday Sara. What a fun day for both of you. Those books are addicting. Ashley loved them so much she is reading them again. When I told her Sara was reading them, and loving them, she was excited to talk to her about the books. I didn't realize Ash & Sara have birthday's one day apart. Funny.

    Good news about the announcements and the photos.

  7. I LOVE those pics!! How funny is that - I probably looked the same to my family while reading them!! :) Happy bday to Sara!! And I'm glad the announcements worked out and he's agreed to senior pics! :)

  8. My goodness Sara looks grown up! What happened to that girl I taught in Activity Days?!

  9. I have been waiting for cute Sara to finally turn 13! I think that she would make a great babysitter and she's so close too? What does she think about babysitting?

    It's fun to hear that everyone is reading "Twilight" and "New Moon". I have read a few books after that and can't get my mind off those books!

  10. I love those pictures! Happy Birthday Sara! It seems just yesterday she was my first little violin student. . .


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