Monday, May 28, 2007

My Interview from Cami

I'm a little behind the curve on this, but I thought it would be fun anyway. Here are my answers to Cami's questions:
These were good questions, Cami-Thanks!

1. When is a time when you have stood up for yourself? Do you find it hard to do? Do you have to defend yourself often?

As the second child, I think I'm genetically unable to stand up for myself. I find myself boldest when I think someone is in danger, such as when my oldest son was engaging in some disturbing behavior. I learned fast that the phrase "pick your battles" is a euphemism for "I don't feel like fighting." I decided to fight. It was worth it, but it was the hardest year of my life so far. Even when I knew I'd said the right things, calmly, and under the influence of the spirit, he was so angry that it just drained me dry. I have a nasty temper and usually choose to roll over rather than assert myself because I quickly go from nice to nasty without a whole lot of anything else in between.

2. What is your earliest memory? How old do you think you were?

I remember moving from Utah to Maryland. I distinctly remember one of the gifts I received for my 4th birthday, which was celebrated in a motel in Glen Burnie, MD. It was tiny jewelry box, shaped like a cube, with 4 drawers, covered with orange fabric with white daisies on it.
3. They say people are either "mountain" people or "beach" people. Which are you, and why?
I am a beach person. I am not sure why, because I love mountains, but not in the same way as the beach. I love the rhythm, the daily cycles of tide and light, and the soothing sound of the waves that I can feel in my bones. I also love the wind and the view to the horizon. I think it's because I always have so much going on in my brain. The beach takes the world down to its essentials-light, water, earth, air-in their most elemental forms, and I think my brain rests a little bit.
4. What person, dead or alive, has directly made the most (or at least a lot of) impact on your life and why? It would have to be my husband Eric, but the moment of most profound influence happened before we were married. While I was still a senior in high school, he helped me through a decision that, had I gone in the direction I was headed, my life would be completely different today.

5. (I'll steal this one from Jann) What do you like most about where you are in your life right now? I like that I'm not looking for someday or dwelling negatively on the past anymore. I'm not saying "When______ happens, then I'll be happy." I am in the moment. I have few regrets because I'm starting to understand the atonement enough to realize that the past is only as heavy a burden as I make it. I am all about every day being a fresh start.

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  1. What thoughtful answers. I love what you said about the beach being elemental. I completely agree, but I hadn't quite thought of it that way until I read your words. I also really appreciate what you said about every day being a fresh start. And what a lovely picture! It isn't the Puget Sound by any chance??

  2. Kellie - I always love reading what you have to say :)

  3. Wonderful answers Kellie! They made my questions sound quite intelligent, I knew you would.

  4. great thoughts. I related to what you say about changing tempers from nice to mean. I hate it when that happens! hopefully I can master this before my toddlers are teenagers....

    So, do you wanna interview me?? : )

  5. This was so fun to read. I loved learning a little more about you.

  6. GREAT answers Kellie!! You have the best way of putting everything! It was neat to learn more about you!


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