Sunday, September 09, 2007

List Fun

Here is one from Jann. I loved reading hers.

Jobs I've held:
1. Shop girl at Woolworths
2. Waitress
3. Kelly Girl Temp
4. 4-in-the-morning janitor at BYU
5. Day-care mom
6. Stampin' UP! consultant
7. Knitting Pro

My Guilty Pleasures:
1. Staying up late
2. buying shoes
3. Watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report ( I think they're both brilliant)
4. Chunky Monkey

Places I have lived:
1. Salt Lake City, UT
2. Sharon, PA
3. Catonsville, MD
4. Alajuela, Costa Rica (only for 2 months, but it sounds sooo glamourous)
5. Woodlawn, MD (where we bought our first house)
6. Auburn, WA
7. Marietta, GA
8. Jessup, MD

What were likely the 1st things you thought when you saw your significant other for the first time?: Disclaimer: Eric knows that this is what I thought, and he's okay with it.
1. He is short
2. He is nerdy
3. Oh my gosh, he actually parts his hair in the middle. Bless his heart.
(Sheesh, that sounds awful. We were actually very good friends when we met, I just thought of him as sort of a geeky older brother.)

Places I’ve Been on Vacation (in the U.S.):
1. Arizona (all over)
2. Hawaii
3. Leavenworth, WA
4. Maine
5. Outer Banks NC
6. Florida
7. Utah
8. Palmyra NY
9. Nauvoo, IL
10. Kirtland OH
11. Chicago, IL
12. San Diego, CA
13. Oregon Coast
14. Kiawah Island, SC (Gorgeous and totally different from OBX. It was amazing to me that two beaches could be within a day's drive of each other and feel like two different continents.)

Places I've Been (out of U.S.)
1. Nogales, Mexico (not sure that counts)
2. Niagra Falls (also a just barely)
3. Costa Rica
4. Victoria, British Columbia (close but feels like England-love it there)
5. Vancouver BC

Favorite Foods:
1. Warm bread with honey and butter (tied with scones-the Utah kind-fried bread dough-oh man my mouth is watering now. We make those on snow days. )
2. Stroganoff (my moms recipe)
3. Biryani-a wonderful Indian rice dish. I could eat it all day long.
4. A curried chicken that I make with pureed banana and apple in the sauce. The sauce soaked into rice is so yummy.

Websites I Visit Daily:
3. Sequestered Nook
4. Bloglines
5. Other blogs

Nicknames I’ve been called:
1. Kellie Jelly Belly (loved that one, NOT)
2. Kellamina Wolfenpickle (This one has a story that is too long to tell here, but I am actually fond of this one.
3. Lelliekin (my dad's name for me-it is my first and middle names with the first letters reversed: Kellie Lin. Like Flutterby. I love this one. He still calls me by it.
4. Punch. I once brought a punchbowl to my dear friend's party. We were just getting started on a wonderful lifelong pal-ship. She became Judy and I became Punch. It has nothing to do with the infamous puppet characters, it just means we go together-that we're a pair. I like this one very much.

At some point, I fear I will get to the dreaded T00MuchInformation stage, but I enjoy these memes tremendously, so thanks for reading.


  1. Michael's company's robot was on the Colbert Report a couple of months ago. It was a funny piece.

    I laughed so hard at your first impressions of your hubby. My kids wanted to know why I was laughing so I read it to them and now they are going around quoting it. Thankfully, I didn't mention to them that it was about their bishop :)

    I'm glad you like these memes. I don't think you're sharing too much; I like learning about you.

  2. Kellie, I love you. That was so fun to read. I want recipes of your favorite foods, they sound great.

    It is a good thing we have help picking our spouses, or we would have ended up with totally different, not as good ones. Just my opinion, but nerds make the best husbands. Only now, I call mine the much more hip name of geek.

  3. I am in total agreement that nerds/geeks make good hubbies!! :) I loved reading this so much! I too want those wonderful sounding favorite food recipes and can I come over to your house on a snow day??!:)

  4. these were fun! ditto to jann: those recipes sound delish.

  5. I'm so glad you do these. I would've never known you enjoy the Daily Show. And Stampin' Up? I try to tell the young women to date the nerdy guys because they'll treat them the best. I love your first impressions of your honey.

  6. I passed that TMI zone a long time ago. And yet, I continue. I'm glad you did it. This one is fun!

  7. It is fun to learn more about you. Don't worry about TMI, that's what makes these meme's so interesting and fun!

  8. What a fun list! I especially like the "what did you think the first time you met your husband" part. :) Where did you go on the Oregon Coast?

  9. Oh, come on.... give us TMI!!! He He, I just want to share some of it you know... I would really like your recipe for that Indian rice dish and the curried chichen. MMM sounds good. Also, I didn't know that you've toured up into BC. It is pretty upthere eh?


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