Friday, September 28, 2007

Unusual for me

Today, I went into Target, chose several sets of Legos for a birthday gift, walked past the display offering 10 little bags of chips for 3 bucks because I didn't have Mendy's number with me to call and see if she thought it was a good deal, walked directly to the checkout ( I went to the express lane!), paid, and walked out.

Now I'm wondering if maybe someone performed a lobotomy on me in my sleep.


  1. Oh, this made me laugh and believe me, today I needed a laugh. Thanks so much, Kellie! What amazing self-control you have to go into Target and only buy the one thing on your list. You are made of steel.

  2. I am embarrassed to comment after MY HOUR AND A HALF LONG VISIT to Target today. DUDE. I am seriously impressed :)

  3. You obviously haven't read the Target/WalMart rule book. 1)You're not allowed to leave without without spending at least $100. 2)You must put at least 10 items in your cart that you didn't plan to buy. 3) You must stroll through the clothes section just in case there's a shirt you must have or a cute church outfit. 4) You must buy some comfort food, whether you're in need of comfort or not.
    Study these rules and always grab a cart on your way in, so you're not tempted to not follow these rules.


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