Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Sick Day

Now Evan has a fever, so maybe the virus has morphed into an infection. Bless his heart. He is taking it like a trooper, though it means we missed the church Christmas party and then will miss church today. The storm never came, which is not a bad thing. Life around these parts, where folks are largely unaccustomed to winter weather, does get annoying when storms come through.
Anyway, I now find myself with a long day at home instead of a fairly busy day of choir practice and church. Not a bad thing either. This weekend was nice, with a good mix of Christmas cheer and getting things done. I learned that the term "White Elephant" does not always mean what I think it means, but that you can still have fun. Ha Ha. Thanks to Christie for being and extremely good sport. I also learned that a taste of the Nutcracker Ballet is just as much fun as the whole thing, especially when there are friends with you. I am just about ready to get all my mail out tomorrow. The 225 stars are finally painted. Packing the advent calendars will take a bit of work, but I think I have it figured out. Come chat if you see me in the long post-office lines. I'll be the one with the two giant IKEA bags full of packages and my knitting.

Also, I thought this was very interesting from a leader of the LDS (Mormon) church that I belong to.


  1. My kids love the reindeer, eps Tori and Katie. The dog on the other hand, not so fond of it. Have a great time at the post office, I love the drive through one out here in Columbia, you can just sit there and listen to Christmas music with your kids strapped in their car seats. :-)

  2. Ok, I am POSITIVE it never said White Elephant. That was your very own imagination.

    Sorry you missed the ward Christmas party. I hope you got some scarves. If not, I have plenty left!

  3. You're right Cami-I did not mean to cast aspersions. :o) The invite only said gift exchange. In my own defense, that is the FIRST time ever in my life that a Christmas party gift exchange wasn't meant to be gag gifts, plus 2 other e-vites I received for this month did contain the words White Elephant. I think I'm already starting to have senior moments. It was still fun, though, so no worries.

  4. it just makes the trading/stealing all the more interesting to have a few white elephants thrown in. :)

  5. The Francos also thought it was "white elephant" too and wanted to go shopping for a new gift during the party. So sorry that Evan is sick. Hope he gets better. I'll be in the line at the post office with you.

  6. that is funny about the mix-up (I know I'm a month late, but it made me laugh after reading the comments!) and that was a good article. I've been reading various articles about the primaries and reading the comments, thinking of adding my own thoughts but not. maybe I'll try....

    oh, and that is a heck of a lot of stars you crazy crafter!! what's a Christmas without a memory like that. "Hey Mom, remember that one year we helped you paint 225 STARS?!?!" ;)


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