Friday, December 14, 2007

Days go by

Evan is sick today. Poor kid. He really wants to go to school, but he's got a miserable sore throat. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), it is not strep. It is the same nasty sinus thing Sam, Eric and I had that involves nasty post-nasal drip that just wears out the throat. So, no help from meds for him (the unfortunate part). I will take him back to the Dr., just in case, but I feel fairly confident the test will be negative again. My sinus-y thing lasted 3 weeks. So, today I will tend to him while I listen to Christmas music, watch for the storm, and putter around at getting a myriad of Christmasy and photography projects out the door. He is a very sweet, grateful little sick person. When I bring him sodas to sip or a bowl of soup, he says, "Thanks, mom" in the cutest way. The main way you know Ev is sick is that he slows down. He is such a happy, active little guy that when he sleeps late or takes a nap or just lays on the couch under his Spongebob blankie, he is NOT feeling well at all. Today he doesn't even have the energy for a video game. That's serious.

Yesterday was lovely-I got to go to another fun get-together with friends. Heavenly. My favorite moment was when one very young friend named Eli came and grabbed my two hands, looked into my eyes and earnestly asked me to come race cars with him. Of course I did, how could I refuse such fun? I hope that children I meet will always try to forget that I'm significantly taller than them and see the little girl in my eyes who will always want to get on the floor and play.


  1. Sweet post, I hope Evan feels better soon, and I am glad that you enjoyed yourself yesterday.

  2. THANK YOU for stopping to race cars with Eli!!! I'm sure you know how much that warms my heart! I was rushing around trying to get Jenny home so I especially appreciate that you stopped to listen to him.
    Hope Evan feels better soon. He is such a sweet boy-I can just tell by watching him. :) Must have a sweet mom!

  3. It was fun to see you, if only for a moment. Hopefully it will be a little less hectic tonight! That's nice of you to play cars. My bro-in-law is such a favorite because he always plays with the boys, but I think he secretly really wants to build something with Tinkertoys. I suppose there's a little of that in all of us.

  4. i know you will always have that little girl in your eyes. : )


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