Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Merry Craigslist!

I do love a bargain, and Santa just scored big. Thanks to Craig's List I was able to get two major gift requests for my kids for less than a fraction of what just ONE of them would have cost retail. All I have to do is drive a little, and that's okay--more time to listen to Christmas music!

Ironically, the catalog madness has started up again after a brief respite. Today's count was 14, and yesterday's count was 6. The funny thing today was that I got 5 different Sierra Trading Post catalogs. I love their stuff, though and found a few good deals. No weirdies today. Maybe they've all given up.


  1. Oh, Craig's List is the BEST!! Usually, the first thing out of my mouth when we are looking for something is "Let's check Craig's List!"
    I hate paying full price for stuff. We've also sold tons of stuff there. Good deal for everyone. Glad you found exactly what you were looking for for a steal!

  2. I really need to check out Craigs List, I've heard so many good things about it! So glad you found deals on your gifts!!

  3. we've found some great things on craigslist! yea for you!

    and while i love sierra trading post, i cannot believe how many catalogs i've gotten from them lately, too! they come in both doug's and my name so it's ridiculous! but oh some good deals in there! i have to be careful with that one!


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