Thursday, January 31, 2008


I went to the funeral for my friend's son today. It was, as expected, bittersweet. It was wonderful to hear this boy spoken of with such unabashed love and admiration. He had a happy ten years here on earth, and that was worth celebrating. The dad really summed it up for everyone when he said that he was just so sad that he wouldn't get to see the person his son would have become. Wrenching. It was standing room only-this family have reached out and really gotten involved in the community, and the community reached back. The pastor who led the service said something lovely that I really liked: When a family suffers a loss like this, their community must form a cradle in which that family can first rest, then come forth from and start a new life-the life they must now create without their little boy. Uff. Not much more to say.

In other news, today is my wrestler's last home meet. They will have a bit of post-season action when regionals and counties come round, but overall it has been a tough season. They have fought hard and I'm really proud of Sam, but there have been many challenges this year. It will benefit all these boys in the end, because their coach really does teach them and support them. In the meantime, wrestling is just one tough sport. Of all the sports my kids have played, it takes the most heart.

This past weekend was my annual girls' weekend with a few of my oldest and dearest friends. We secret ourselves away in the woods of Pennsylvania for 3 days and pretty much solve all the world's problems. And all without getting out of our jammies or being more than 10 feet away from a cozy fire and a table full of yummy snacks. It is my little piece of heaven every year-good women, all different, coming together to reweave our nets for the coming year. Something that was new this year was that my friend got satellite broadband internet at her cabin and we showed each other all our favorite youtube videos. It was such a delicious waste of time, but we laughed and cried ourselves silly. My absolute favorite new find (apparently I'm a little news-starved) was Paul Potts. I don't know quite where I've been, but this is the first I've heard of him and I just love his story. Here are some videos you can watch if you've been in the same cave I've been in.
Paul Potts 1
Paul Potts 2
Paul Potts 3


  1. I really can't imagine how hard it would be to lose a child. I'm glad you were able to attend the funeral and give your support.

    What a great get-away tradition. One of those needs that only seem like a want, eh? :)

  2. Oh that is so sad. I'm so glad though that they have so many good friends to help them through this time.

    Yay for your wonderful weekend! It sounded heavenly!!

  3. this family's story made me really think about how important my kids are... sometimes, I get distracted with life, and forget. I also love the Paul Potts story, where was he hiding all these years?

  4. yes I am in a cave. I am however going to leave myself there for at least another year!

    It is always so sad for me when I hear that a child has preceeded a parent in death.


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