Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sweater Days

The weather has cooled down. I can wear my sweaters! A bit of a storm is supposed to come through and I have to admit I was sort of hoping I might have a morning off of seminary, but I was ready, so we had fun even though I didn't get a bonus day of sleeping in. It was a game day plus the end of the quarter, so we finished off some competitions we were having for certain outcomes. I am so excited because the LDS church has put up a new website with resources for teaching individuals with disabilities. I have 4 kids in my class with differing challenges, and it has already helped me to improve my adaptation techniques. The kids I have are awesome and participate as fully as they are able and I love to see their successes. Hopefully, some of these ideas and insights will help me to facilitate more good experiences.

If you are not fully familiar with seminary, here is a bit of an explanation. All over the world, Mormon teenagers who are in high-school gather and study the scriptures and the doctrines and teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In areas where there is a large, dense population of members of this church, they get permission to have released-time from school and meet in a building adjacent to the school. In our area, we meet in smaller groups before school (my class starts at 5:50 am). In some areas, they meet once a week, because distance or other circumstances make it hard to gather every day. I have 24 kids who squeeze into my family room every day so I can teach them. Over the past 5 1/2 years or so, I estimate that I've taught about 60 kids. They are among the greatest people I've ever met, and in spite of my occasional complaining about the hours and the time it takes, there is no other assignment I'd rather have in the church right now.

In other news, Sam is better, but still not 100%. He hasn't been able to practice wrestling this week, but is going to try today because he wants to wrestle in a tournament this weekend. Eric is fighting the same virus, but has not had the chance to rest much. He did take Monday off, but that's about it.

Today will be pretty non-stop, so I'm going to try and get my workout in now. Then it's off to visit my pal at the assisted living home, wrestling practice for Sam, then piano lessons for Sara and I, a church activity for Sara, and finally a two-hour knitting lesson. Tomorrow, I'll sleep in. At least until 7.


  1. I bet your evening slows down with this "snow storm". I picture you in a window knitting the evening away. :-)

  2. I feel compelled to share that I had to wake up at 7 yesterday, and that was the earliest I had been up in AGES. I am not sure how well I would handle seminary!

  3. I didn't know you had been teaching for so long. You are a trooper. I get grumpy if the kids try to get me up before 8:00. I hope you all get healthy soon!

  4. how lucky those kids are to be in your classes, you have a great gift and dedication to reach out to them. happy sweater days! here's to warm nights around the "fire". ;) may the storms keep your family bundled up and well rested.

  5. Did I read that right that YOU are taking piano lessons? Or did you just accompany Sara to hers?

    I'm sure you are the best seminary teacher ever! I don't know about that early wakeup time, but I suppose you sort of get used to it.


  6. I'm so happy about the sweater weather too - it was so weird there for a while with all the warmness. I am so impressed by how much you love teaching seminary! Your seminary students are so lucky to have you!!

  7. Isn't it crazy when sleeping in till 7:00 gives us such joy!!!


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