Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sometimes life is just so daily.

Can't think of anything specific to write about. Here is a list of things I've noticed, been thinking about or am doing:
  • I am happy for the spring-like weather.
  • We got a new trampoline after living a year and a half without one.
  • I like having a trampoline. It is a good way to get my kids outside.
  • The scarf count is up to 25 for our church service project.
  • I am so grateful to Jann for picking up my kids for activities last night so Eric and I could go on a date to see Natalie McMaster. It was a completely awesome concert-I'm so glad we went!
  • I went to Filene's Basement for the first time over the weekend. I was not able to walk away empty-handed.
  • For the first time since she was about 3, Sara and I have matching shoes, thanks to Filene's Basement.
  • I found my swimsuit for this summer. It is actually a running camisole and skort, with a running t-shirt as a rash guard. It feels great on, and I love it. I found a super sale, so I got two different camisoles to go with my skort. My beloved surfer girl set finally started to disintegrate after 5 years.
  • Most of the details are set for our trip to California next week. I am very excited.
  • Facebook is not working for me right now. I have 4 friend requests that I'm very excited to reply to and I can't log in. Whenever someone tries to play a game with me or send me something, all I get is an error message. The suggestion of the customer service geniuses was that I delete my page and start again from scratch. Hmph.
  • In spite of the stigma of being over 40 and using facebook (we old fogies get mocked mercilessly in the media), I have found it really useful for finding lost friends. So, apparently, I'm not the only old fogy using it.
  • I hope people come to knit today because I forgot to send out a reminder.
  • I have to catch up on the administration of my seminary class. Submitting rolls, keeping track of records and in general being nitpicky about details are my hardest things. I need a secretary.
  • Tomorrow, after I go visiting teaching at 10, will be the first day in 29 days that I don't have 3-5 obligations on my calendar.
  • I need a new keyboard and mouse. My space bar is broken.
Okay, enough boring stuff. Off to the library for toy sacks in case of scarf makers' children coming over.


  1. Kellie - I think you get more done than any person I know. I love reading your blog - thanks for sharing. It is nice to feel like I connect with you more again.

  2. Sorry I missed scarf making, I was teaching water aerobics this morning. I am coming a long rather well on mine though. Very happy.

  3. I love how you make sure you list that one obligation BEFORE you say you have no obligations!

    I hope people come to book group tonight because I forgot to send out a reminder!

    Cool about your swimsuit! I need to find a new one . . .

  4. :) I like the daily minutae that really build a picture. I need a new keboard too. My jjjjjj key still doesn't work unless I press really hard.


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