Monday, June 02, 2008


Wasn't the weather just glorious today? I was fortunate enough to spend most of the day outdoors, starting with my first early-morning run of the summer, then on to chaperoning at Sara's 8th grade picnic at Centennial Lake, then a walk along one of the paths near our home with a dear friend and lastly, watching Evan try to get through his first swim team practice (of his life) without giving up and going home. It was a bit overwhelming when the coach told a large group of about fifty 11-18 year olds (which meant there were kids there twice his size) to just jump in for a 100-yard warm up with kick-turns at each 25, then on to one-armed butterfly drills. Huh? He tried his incredibly valiant best, but he did end up stopping early because he was clearly the least experienced there and there was no provision or instruction for someone his age with his level of inexperience. Everyone else had been on the team before and knew the routine. He was definitely at a disadvantage. He has committed to try again, and I'm plenty proud of him for trying, but MAN, I would have been scared out of my wits. He is now thinking maybe of joining the Howard County Jr. Striders because, in his own wise words, "Humans were made to run more than they were made to swim." I'm inclined to support him in that decision.

Highlights of today:
  • Sara voluntarily introduced me to her friends at the picnic. That was a really pleasant surprise for me. Then one of her other friends recognized me from a trip to the mall (I am one of those medieval parents who won't let my kids run free in the mall-I go with them) and actually came up and gave me a hug. Voluntary, positive attention from teens always makes me happy.
  • Evan was terrified (several of my kids have my fear of crowds) and discouraged and out of breath and feeling stupid because he didn't know how to do what the coach asked, but he jumped back in anyway. What a trooper.
  • The other adults at swim team practice and all of the darling teen-aged coaches were so kind to Evan and encouraged and praised him. A couple of these stellar folks even got him to smile through his frustration. That warmed my heart.
  • My friend and I got to walk and talk in the golden afternoon light. That is always a good thing.


  1. Beautiful day.... sounds warm and cozy. The weather was amazing to day... perfect! And I agree with Evan on the swimming/running thing, he is right. :-) Big steps with Sara, wonderful :-)

  2. I had to laugh at your first sentence, since the weather here in the NW barely nudged into the 60's today and pretty much drizzled non-stop all afternoon.

    Anyway, congrats to Evan for giving it his best shot. I love his comment about what humans were made to do. Very wise. :)

  3. I love your day! Good job evan with the swimming. It all sounded foreign to me!

  4. Ok, TWO-handed butterfly is hard enough! Sounds crazy. But a lovely day nonetheless. Sounds like you had lots of great highlights.

  5. You know what I love the most about reading your blog? You give me hope that I will be able to survive the adolescence of my children which looms so dauntingly in my future. You make it sound like it CAN be peaceful and joyful, and you give me hope. :)

    It was also WONDERFUL to meet you the other day! Thank you so much for being kind to (and tolerant of!) my moody little two-year-old. It was quite a pleasure!

  6. I'm so proud of Evan. All those swimmers intimidate ME!! I'm glad you got to spend time with friends and that your daughter and her friends gave you loves :)

  7. sounds lovely. I love your kids! give your two young ones a hug from me. I'm proud of them both. :) I echo Dawns comments. it's good to hear how well they turn out! :)


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