Thursday, July 03, 2008

I really liked this meme from Dawn. I had a lot of fun searching for photos and finding images to match my answers. Consider yourself tagged! Let me know if you make one so I can make sure to check it out.

Here are the instructions:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

2. Use only the first page of results, and pick one image.

3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

I tried to limit myself a bit and chose the 8th image off the first page each time. Just to randomize it a bit. Dawn chose from the 17th page.

Onto the questions and my answers:

1. What is your first name? Kellie (I swear I never knew that I'm named after a Castle! I'm totally going to visit there someday!)

2. What is your favorite food? Chocolate-I tried stroganoff, my favorite comfort entree, but the pictures were just not pretty.

3. What high school did you go to? Catonsville High School, Catonsville, MD. There was NO Badminton team when I was there.

4. What is your favorite color? blue-green. I love this photo-it is definitely my palette captured in one image.

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Harrison Ford-I know I know-he's old enough to be my father, but he was so gorgeous in the Star Wars years. Sigh. (If you look closely, the photo is a lego man encased in ice, mimicking Han Solo's imprisonment in Carbonite. That just made me laugh out loud.

6. What is your favorite drink? Good old water...

7. What is your dream vacation? Sail around the world. This shot is from England. I want to go everywhere, and sailing seems the ideal way to get there.

8. What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate Mousse. This is a photo of Mickey Mousse. Cute.

9. What did you want to be when you grow up? A Mom

10. What do you love most in life? My family

11. What is one word that describes you? Hopeful

12. What is your flickr name? Lelliekin. There were no hits on this so I cheated a bit. It is a reverse combination of my names: Kellie and Lin, so I took the same idea and searched for flutterby, the words that the term Butterfly were formed from.

Here are the photo credits:
Kellie Castle, Chocolate Mousse Cake
Catonsville High Badminton, My Home, Carbonite, The Water Source, Church, the boat and the Sea, Mickey Mousse, Weeks of Pregnancy, Blessed from above


  1. That was so awesome Kellie!! I love it! If I have time I'm going to do this too!! I absolutely love the Lego guy - so funny!!

  2. I love it! I want to do it, but I would have to become a Picasa member . .. maybe soon.

    Oh, and about your comment on my tags. TRUE! I DID have you as a friend, and without you what would I have done? I must have felt that, although I revered you as mentor and role model, I was too introverted to actually seek you out as hang-out material. How sad. What years we lost!

  3. What a great mosaic and cool meme...when I get some time I might try it, too.

  4. My 7-year-old will LOVE the lego guy pic! Very cool array of pictures! Glad you joined in!

  5. very fun. I keep seeing this on everyone's blogs but can't summon the momentum to do it myself! I like the castle. :)


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