Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Like the Proverbial Chicken...

In stark contrast to the idyllic peace of Saturday, yesterday found me in constant motion.

It really must be quite funny to watch my car come and go all day long:

AM: Sara to Ortho Appt. at 8:30, then dropping her off at school at 8:45 (it was just a 5-minute retainer check) then off to knitting lesson at client's home, then to run errand and drop paperwork off at school for Sara , then home at about 11 am.

Midday was laundry, finances, yard work, and all the usual Monday stuff. Not so bad except for that scribbled on, overflowing calendar page staring up at me, warning me about the afternoon.

Here we go!
PM: Over to school for volleyball game at 3:30 (they lost, but it was their first game and they had a lot of great moves and team spirit), then back home with Sam from practice at 4:35, then back over to school to pick Sara up from watching the other volleyball game at 5:30, back home at 5:45, then off with Evan to soccer practice at 5:50, then home at 6:35, then back over to the high school for Back to School Night at 6:50, then home at 10:30 after waiting 35 minutes to get out of the parking lot then stopping at the grocery store.

If you're thinking, like I was thinking, "Couldn't ANY of these trips be combined?" Sadly, no. Someone always needed to get home or I needed to pick up some life-or-death piece of paper that was not there before I left, etc. It simply had to be the way it was.

There was no leisurely dinner yesterday, I assure you, no careful chopping, no noticing the beauties of nature, there was only me, in my car, hoping I wasn't forgetting anything and feeling distinctly like that proverbial chicken. I saw Jann at BTSN and told her I was in and out of my driveway 12 times. I guess it was only 10, but who's counting. I did not get a workout in yesterday, but I hold out hope that I burned more a few calories opening and closing my car door and trekking in and out of my house all those times.

Thank goodness for the rainy days like Saturday because the rest of the calendar this week is definitely lacking in blank space. I was getting a little down about that yesterday. Well, it was actually more like a panic attack. That primal scream you heard from the car next to you at the traffic light? Yeah, that was me. But, as my kids say, "Why so serious?" The good news is that I am blessed to have a good car to do all this running around in. I can afford to buy gas. I have healthy, involved children who do wonderful things like volleyball and track and soccer. I live in a great community so things like BTSN are kinda fun because I see friends all around me and teachers who know (and remember!) all my kids and really care about them.

This is the life I've chosen, so I, Chicken Girl, will run proudly on, even if it appears to be in circles sometimes. Give me a high five when I blow past you!


  1. Wow. Busy lady. I have been without car the last couple days, and sadly, there was not a single thing I wished I could have done that I couldn't do. Nope, I probably would have stayed completely at home those days anyway. Sad. I could have at least gone running with my babydoll.

    There are definitely times and seasons for busyness, and actually days and weeks as well. I hope you can slow down or enjoy the high pace--don't you feel like you've REALLY accomplished something when you're busy? (Just before or after the panic attack.)

  2. this is great! so funny. but i thought once the kids were in school, it was bon bons and soap operas all day? :)

  3. Yeah, that's a lot, friend. I was wondering how it would be scheduling with big kids and you just gave me the grand tour :)

  4. Oh, it looks like my life is just going to get busier as the kids get older. I hope I handle it as well as you do.

  5. This post made laugh and feel exhausted at the same time! I am savoring our simple little schedules but I know that busy days will be down the road as my kids get older. Hang in there and good for you for trying to find the positive in the midst of hectic days. And you are not alone...I have had plenty of primal screaming sessions in my car, too! Go Chicken Girl, Go!

  6. This is why I laugh when people ask if I think I'll be bored when my kids are all in school. I'm quite confident I'll still have plenty to do!

  7. LOL!! I like the name Chicken Girl! I might have to adopt it for myself too! :) I love how you count your blessings in spite of the craziness. Moms really have so much to be grateful for!

  8. sure, just don't lose your head!!!


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