Thursday, September 11, 2008

Most Important

I have gotten excited about an idea I found over at Simple Mom. She has a whole system for organizing that is really good, nothing new or revolutionary, but well-presented. I like fresh ideas and new approaches, so I've chosen a couple of her ideas to work on for a while. Right now I'm focused on starting my daily calendar review with the Most Important Tasks or MIT for that day. I haven't read the whole article, so I'm not sure if I'm using the idea exactly the way she does, but I'm excited about it anyway. For me, the idea behind that is that if I can get to those things, I can consider the day a success in a deep, personally satisfying way. Then, when the schedule changes and I have to adapt and be uber-flexible for everyone else, I can fall back on knowing that the really important things got taken care of-that I made forward progress in a way that might be significant only to me. I'm thinking I can use this idea in several stages: first as a habit-building tool, then, as certain foundational things become habits, I can move on and use the MIT list to focus on actions that will set the tone for the day. These would be the non-negotiables, the sanity-preserving things that would put me in a stronger position to handle the rest of the daily list.

Depending on how life is, what is foundational will change from time to time. Some days it might be: Shower, Eat, Sleep. Other days it might be: Read and pray, Work out, Clean out the Fridge (or else I'm just having this one hauled away and buying a new one).

It goes along with an important belief of mine that if one focuses on that which is most important, all else will find it's right place in the remaining time and space of one's life.


  1. I hope this works out for you. If so, you can come get me organized.

  2. I am next in line after Tracy. :-) I hope this works

  3. Too true. Just writing things down really puts things in perspective too. I love crossing things off.

  4. thanks for introducing me to simple mom, I really like her tools and ideas. I know my days are better when I have a few essential items and then the other things can happen without feeling like I didn't get anything done!


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