Monday, September 29, 2008

Photos from the trip

Here are a few views of the trip.

The Boys

The moment before the big moment

My boy becomes a missionary

Jeff's awesome college digs-note the couches in the yard

Autumn in the Wasatch Front

My brother with his gorgeous new family and my folks. We call them Barbie and Ken for short.

We were all pretty much just basking in their reflected glow

It took a lot for both of them to get here, and this photo just says, "We made it, babe!" to me.


  1. beautiful images. that good ol MTC sign. love the couches in the grass. what will they do when it snows?? ;)

    very tender wedding vignettes. a beautiful family indeed!

  2. Love all your pictures! Were you their official photographer? Looks like you had a great trip

  3. They look so happy. What a great time - and those yard couches are awesome :)

  4. Awww!!!!! They are so cute! Great pictures! My nephew, Missy's son, just went into the MTC about the same time. Where is yours going?

  5. Oh how lovely and wonderful. These are some priceless memories.

  6. What handsome men you have in your family. What a great moment with your missionary. Those wedding pictures are great!

  7. WOW! Each picture says a million words. I love them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Man they are awesome. MTC, couches, fall and mountains, wedding, LOVE!! You are great.

  8. I'm glad you had such a good trip! Love the pictures.

  9. I'm loving the couches--reminds me of my little brother carting a loveseat to the beach for the afternoon. :)

    That last wedding shot is so eloquent. Where were you when I got married?? ;)


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