Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Little Perspective

So, my sister-in-law stopped by yesterday to drop off her kids for me to watch. In an effort to process the family drama I find myself locked into, my SIL and I were having a conversation about the emotions of my parents' move. It was actually a half-joking, light-hearted conversation, because my SIL is awesome and always makes me smile. Her quiet 6-year old son and not-so-quiet 4-year old daughter were at the table with us. Here is how it went:

Me, trying to effect an air of Anne of Green Gables Drama: You know, I was fine until Monday, but that day just threw me into The Depths of Despair for some reason. It's been a long week.

SIL: Yes, but it will get better.

Me to 6-year old: L, have you ever been to The Depths of Despair?

6-year old: No Aunt Kellie.

Me: That's good. I hope you never go there.

4-year old, brightly and excitedly: Aunt Kellie, I've been to The Depths of Despair!! It was at Sea World and we saw animals there! It was great!

Fast forward to dinner.

6-year old, with an air of wisdom and superiority over his little sister: Aunt Kellie, we never went to The Depths of Despair. We just saw Shamu.

4-year old, apologetically: Yes we did Aunt Kellie. There were animals there.

Fast forward to this morning:

SIL, to 4-year old: So O, I heard you've been to The Depths of Despair.

4-year old, slightly sleepy and snuggled deeply into my lap: MmHmm. I saw hippos there. Aunt Kellie, did you see hippos when you went to the Depths of Despair? I like hippos.

I hope I will always remember to look for the hippos in The Depths of Despair.


  1. That is so sweet! I will have to look for hippos too if I go there.

  2. I will remember that. Poor hippos that live there. ;-)

  3. Nothing like a child's innocence to lighten the mood, huh? Love these quotes--- the joys of being with children.

  4. hi K, have you heard anything from rebecca yet on baby? if so let me know am worrying here. hate being so far away

  5. I hope I see the hippos soon, I think we're reacting very similarly dear sister...Let's have some totally unnecessary yet very therapeutic girly time while i am out there...that always helps me.

  6. So, this one gave me an out loud laugh. THANK YOU for sharing :)

  7. Fantastic!!! I love it. I am sorry about your Depths of Despair though. :)

  8. You just gotta love kids. Wonderful conversations!


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