Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Therapeutic Shopping

Yesterday I had a hard morning. Family Stuff. My folks are selling their house of almost 30 years and the drama over all their things has already started. Oh. My. Goodness. I think it would be easier to burn it down except for the small detail of a very nice family who is expecting to move in around the beginning of September.

It was a really, really hard morning, so, Sara and I went shopping. I bought pens and smell-nice beauty products. Two of my favorite things. It was very convenient to have Office Depot and Ulta right next door to each other.

It was pre-meditated, intentional, therapeutic shopping, and it helped.
I feel better, I smell lovely, and I have a Flair pen in every color of the rainbow.
Today will be a good day.


  1. I wish you an amazingly beautiful day!!

  2. I am so sorry. Something similar happened to me several years ago. It was so emotional. The passing of time has made it better. The memories, the love, they are always yours.

    May you always smell lovely :) . May the memories always been strong (and wonderful).

  3. oh the stuff.... My FIL had what we amongst the children call "the auction", of all my MIL stuff when she passed. Funny thing, the kids agreed upon who should have what... it was him that wasn't so agreeable. :-( Glad to hear that your shopping was a good fix for now. Good luck at "the auction" may you come out with at least one childhood prize and only few bumps and bruises. :-)


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