Friday, March 26, 2010

Still Quiet

Remember this post? Well, March is holding steady as continued calm and quiet. It's been nice. April through December are going to be pretty much non-stop big stuff, so I'm thoroughly enjoying a month of nothing much to write about.

Well, not nothing. I did run a half-marathon last weekend, but somehow, and I know this sounds so weird (it is) or amazing (it isn't-it's just my thing) or whatever, but a half-marathon is a very do-able distance for me. It actually feels kinda good. Just enough of a sense of "Wow, I really did that!" but not a killer like the full marathon.  I didn't  train that hard or well (we'll say it's because of the snow, wink, wink), so it wasn't my fastest ever, but it was fun. I have no ambitions about being a fast runner, I'm just trying to keep myself healthy, so the time didn't bother me a bit. I didn't even wear a watch, which was very freeing.  The couple of days right before it, I was really nervous because of the lack of training, but it was a really nice day. The run went well, I didn't bonk (if you're not a runner, it's just what it sounds like-your whole system just shuts down and you can almost hear an audible bonking sound), and I've only been marginally sore. My favorite part was seeing the Capitol Building right at sunrise. It was spectacular. I really did like running through the great city of Washington D.C., especially with a police officer standing by approximately every 50 feet at all the blocked intersections. And of course, I was running with friends. Can't beat that.

The same day, I took my percussionist son to see STOMP! at the Hippodrome in Baltimore. Man alive was that fun. If you ever have the chance, run, don't walk and all that. Fun for the whole family. It is physical comedy combined with percussion and it is just amazing. I would see it again in a heartbeat.  Even the 13-year old was really impressed. 

This week I've mostly been knitting madly on a contract piece that is not hard, but it is, and I'm quoting the designer here, "A boatload of knitting."  It's not bad work considering I can sit around in my jammies all day still be making progress. So, I've been trying to get in 4-6 hours a day while listening to this version of Jane Eyre on audiobook and catching up on the DVR shows. We just got a magical disc for our Wii so now we can stream Netflix right to the TV, so let the knitting continue and the instant movie gratification begin.

Lacrosse practice starts tomorrow, hopefully, if the weather cooperates, and in the evening, my only and therefore favorite daughter is going to the first of possibly many sweet sixteen parties. It's that year for her and her pals. This one is a semi-formal affair at a local swanky restaurant. I hope it is a lot of fun for her. She is the opposite of semi-formal and swanky, so for her sweet sixteen, I might be able to talk her into a barbecue in the backyard with games on the trampoline. We'll see.

So, there you go, a whole lot of nothing. But that's life and as it so often happens, even though there are all the usual frustrations and stupid moments, and several times a day when I'm certain that I'm the worst mother on the planet, and moments of discouragement and extreme goofiness, overall I am obligated by my good fortune to declare that Life is Good.  I know I say that all the time, but that's really why I write this blog, to help me look at life in a way that makes it all worthwhile. 

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  1. I have a whole lot of nothing going on around here too--seems like I never post, and definitely not about anything interesting. WAY TO GO on the half marathon! I'm still working my way up to getting good times on the 5Ks before I jump into longer distances. But they have some really lovely ones around here, so I'd like to try--maybe next year.


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