Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just When You Thought I Was Done Writing About This Wedding...

Here I am again. It's kind a big deal, so it is entitled to a lot of column-inches. Last night was our local reception and it turned out to be really fun. I am filled with nothing but warm feelings all surrounded by a golden glow. Here is why:
  • My sister came and she was so helpful and organized and was just my right arm for all the final details.
  • Ashlyn's parents and one of her sisters came. That just pleased me so much. We feel twice blessed because already we have a lovely new daughter-in-law and a whole family of new friends.We have so enjoyed our time with them all.
  • My darling friends helped so much. It literally makes me weep to think of how they took time from their days, their families and their long lists of things to do and came and helped me. They had amazing ideas, helped keep me on "company behavior" and stay calm, and just made the whole thing come alive with their presence.
  • Eric took two more days off work after our trip to be the best ever errand-runner, setter-upper, doer of last-minute deeds, and the muscle behind all my ideas. It was such a comfort to have him there.
  • The decorations turned out to be as colorful as I'd hoped. There was no disguising that we were in a gym, but that gym was full of dear, special friends, so really, even without a single pink tissue paper flower, it would have been the loveliest place on earth for our family. My only real disappointment was that the lights in our new church building can't be turned down to a subdued glow, so we partied under the full glare of fabulous florescents. In spite of that, the colors were pretty and in general, my original ideas actually came to fruition, I have to say.
  • The Bride and Groom had fun. They didn't want to do a receiving line, so they were diligent about trying to get around to talk to everyone. I think they were pleased, surprised and touched by how many came to wish them well.
And so the wedding part ends. I'm whipped, but it's that good kind, like after a great workout. I can't wait for the coming weeks when I can just think about what's happened and savor it in my mind and memory. I managed to get sick and have lost my voice again, but it seems a small price to pay. Now I just have to stop talking so I can find my voice by Thursday when it is time to teach in Chicago...


  1. OH look! And I am STILL online :) Lovely. It was a great party :)

  2. It was beautiful! Your new daughter is so cute. What a great time in your lives! Congrats!

  3. oh, so sorry i missed it! our babysitting plans fell through at the last minute, so only g got to enjoy the festivities. it looks lovely, though.

    i'm glad you get a little time with the cute couple this week too, now that the stressful part is over.

    oh, and thanks for helping with my sam this morning. :)

  4. It was a lovely party, and the decorations were beautiful! It was great to see you and everyone, and hey! JA are my initials too!!

    For the record, I'm not tired of reading about the wedding. It was great to see the happy couple in church on Sunday too. They're so cute!

  5. I, for one, have not read a THING about the wedding, and now I'm going backwards through it. It's kind of funny to go through it backwards. I know you'll be all calm and thankful at the end. :)


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