Monday, September 13, 2010

First Assignment

I've decided I'm going to record my assignments for my art class, so here is the first one, the quintessential first art project, "Self-Portrait of Eye" drawn from life. I think anyone who has ever taken a beginning art class has done this or something similar. It was fun to do, holding my little mirror and looking back and forth to try and get the details right. I've always sketched bits of things from life and been able to get a result that looks passably like the model, so this was a good introductory project for me. It will be the next few, when I have to come up with an image from my imagination, that will be challenging.

Anyway, It is done in pencil on illustration board, framed in to be 11x14 in. I think it looks sad, but people have often told me I have "sad" eyes. They definitely are expressive, so there you go. My daughter says I made my lid too heavy and old-looking but pronounced it "good anyway." I'll hold onto that because tomorrow I get to put it on the board with all my classmates' work for "Crits." That will be fun. I don't know yet if we critique each other's work or just listen to the instructor. The instructor seems pretty invested in helping us to actually succeed, so I think it will be good either way.


  1. HOLY COW! That is amazing!! Seriously, I'm pleased that I can draw a stick figure of my husband that mildly resembles him (which isn't too hard- tall, short lines for hair, glasses and goatee- TA DA!), but this is wonderfully detailed and shaded and all those other art terms that I don't know. Well done, Kellie. :)

  2. i had no idea that you were a drawing talent too!! so awesome

  3. Okay. You rock. Seriously, that's fantastic.

  4. Wow, that is so impressive! I would love to be able to draw like that. How long did it take you to do? I remember once spending hours and hours and hours drawing some simple still life for a class (and it didn't turn out nearly as good!) so I'm wondering if people with more talent are able to create something like that more quickly.


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