Monday, September 20, 2010

This Week's Assignments

This week was a busy one for my class. Two assignments, plus lots of preparation for upcoming work.  I struggled this week, but I did my best. I did like the white chalk pencil on black paper. The idea of adding light instead of shadow as one does on white paper was kind of cool.  Because this is a design class, we didn't focus on the how of using the media, so I don't feel like my strokes and shading are the best in this piece, but it captures the feel of the photo I was using, which you can actually see here. Considering it's my first time trying the method with really no instruction, I'm okay with it.  The other one was half easy, half hard.  It is about lines. The first one with the repeating lines was easy. I liked that one a lot. The other one, to use 5-7 lines of varying width to create a mood, was stinking hard. It's not the greatest thing in the world, but again, I did my best and had that feeling of, "Okay, just be done now."  After all, it's a class, and part of the learning is from the doing and the other part is finding out what I should have done differently.  And sorry about the color cast. My monitor is not calibrated right now and I played and played and still couldn't get it right. They are all just plain old black and white.


  1. ha... we're paralleling here, ms. nuss. been doing a lot of drawing myself, inspired by Alexander's drawing. just bought some kids' books on it, and have been thinking a lot about principals learned in some GD classes i took in the 90s.

  2. Ooh I really like the lines ones! Nice!


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